Relaxing Companions Bed by Studioilse

More and more people complain about back pains or spine pains. All these pains can have multiple causes but a way to improve this situation is to be careful to our back positions and the way we sleep. A comfortable bed becomes in this situation something compulsory.Almost two years ago my husband suffered a surgery because of his back problems. Its spine was affected and the only way to solve this problem was a surgery. When he came back home he had to find a healthy way to sleep. The position of his body was really important. Since that moment we are more careful with the type of bed we choose to sleep and the position we adopt for sleeping or the way we move our body.

Studioilse designed a comfortable and healthy Companions Bed which is perfect for those who would like a comfortable way to rest their body or sleep. It is made from solid chestnut and is available in various finishes like: a Danish oil finish, white oil finish, or painted pure white RAL 9010 (matte finish) or black brown RAL 8022 (matte finish).Although the material used can make you think of a rustic atmosphere it can also match a modern area too.

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Those who are interested in such a relaxing piece of furniture for their bedroom must know that the Companions Bed comes in different sizes too so that you can choose the variant you please most and satisfy your needs.The high quality and simple design make of this piece of furniture an excellent way to get a healthy position for your body and enjoy the relaxing moments.Available on site.



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