Rediscovering The Glamour Of Mirrored Nightstands

This particular moment in time is very special because we’re being surrounded by a wonderful burst of creativity and we’re surrounded by lots of new styles plus we’re also rediscovering some old ones. Mirrored furniture is long past the status of a passing trend. It used to be the cool new thing at one time but the trend is still popular today which supports its versatility and timelessness. When overused, it’s nothing but a good idea gone bad but carefully selected pieces such as a mirrored nightstand or a coffee table can make a wonderful design statement, adding glamour and a chic retro vibe to the space.

Mirrored furniture is not linked to any particular style although it does have a certain touch of old Hollywood charm. The Baxton side table featured here, for example, looks perfectly at home in a modern or a contemporary setting but would look just as well if surrounded by a more eclectic decor.

The Monarch accent table is another beautiful example. The reason we’re mentioning these tables even though the focus of our article is on nightstands is because these two functions are interchangeable and quite often these pieces are multifunctional.

This is the Graham mirrored nightstand, a chic and versatile piece of furniture which can just as well function as an end table for a living room or as an accent table for a cozy lounge space or for a reading nook. Its two drawers increase the functionality of the design.

The Essa nightstand/ side table has a design that’s special in more than one way. First of all, it has mirrored plates which give it a very glamorous look. Second of all, the golden frame outlines this glamour in a truly elegant manner.

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Like we said before, mirrored furniture is often reminiscent of old Hollywood decors and designs like this one only help to support that claim. This mirrored nightstand features a weathered wood frame with ornate and intricate details so we don’t really know what’s most interesting: the mirrored surfaces or the elegant frame. Available on Amazon.

The Mirage nightstand is exquisite in its own way. The matte silver finish and shimmering mirror top give it a classy look mixed with retro accents which combined suggest an eclectic design capable of complement just about any type of interior decor.

So far we’ve seen a few interesting accent tables capable of serving as nightstands and now it’s time to also check out some mirrored nightstands with designs that are a bit more specialized and intended to be used in bedrooms. We’ll start with Liza, a very chic piece with a glam look and three storage drawers. Don’t you just like its stubby look?

This contemporary beauty is the Azul nightstand. We love the sharp look of the whole piece, the clean and straight lines and the sculptural details. They give the nightstand an almost dramatic allure. It’s a very stylish accent piece capable of adding depth to a space and of stand out without overpowering the decor.

A cool thing about mirrored nightstands is that they reflect the decor surrounding them and they make bedrooms look bigger and brighter as well as less cluttered. However, that also means you have to carefully plan the rest of the room’s decor as well because chances are it will be reflected into the nightstand, like this fluffy rug is reflected onto the Jacinta nightstand.

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If you like the idea of a mirrored nightstand but you don’t want the mirrored surfaces to be too eye-catching, you can opt for a balanced design like this one. The clear lucite legs are a very nice touch, giving the nightstand a lightweight appearance. They also complement the drawer fronts very nicely. Available on Amazon.

This is the same design as before but in a different color. Once again, the lucite legs coordinate beautifully with the mirrored drawer fronts but in this case the pattern stands out more thanks to the rich color. Available on Amazon.

The controversial nature of mirrored furniture in general combined with the fact that nightstands are usually compact and sometimes even multifunctional generates all sorts of quirky designs. One of them can be seen here. The Crawford nightstand has a little bit of everything and that makes it both versatile and attractive.

Meet Stephanie, a mirrored nightstand with a sculptural design and a glamorous look. It has three drawers decorated with crystals and a symmetrical and linear structure which looks pretty much the same no matter how you look at it.

A lot of times a single drawer is all a nightstand needs and that means its design can be more lightweight and slender, allowing a more airy base structure, much like this one. The X base of this mirrored nightstand has a nice glam touch while at the same time ensuring a classy and modern appearance.



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