Recycled Steel Pipes – Unusual Furniture And Home Accessories

This might come as a surprise and it might seem like a pretty crazy and unusual idea, but steel pipes are actually quite multifunctional and can be recycled in many different ways. They can be used to create all sorts of accessories and pieces to use in your home. Some might be designs you’ve already seen while some might be intriguing. Who knows, maybe you can try to make some yourself…

Let’s start with something simple. This is a coat rack made from recycled steel pipes. Well, it’s actually just a pipe that can have any dimensions you want. The faucets are hook replacements. They are evenly spread on the pipe and you can use them as hangers for your coat, bag, etc. In addition, smaller hook-like pieces are placed in between the faucets.

Here’s another idea: a chandelier made of steel pipes. It probably sounds crazy but, when you see it, it actually looks better you imagined it. There are all sorts of designs that can be created. You can have a simple chandelier made from two or three pipes or you can have a more elaborate and complex design featuring pipes of different sizes and shapes.Available for £58.00.

This is another coat rack, also made from recycled steel pipes. This one has a more elaborate design. Instead of being a single, long piece it has a circular design with faucets in the center and with small hooks on both the top and bottom area. You can use the small hooks for coats and the faucets for hanging bags or scarves.Available for £125.00.

If you want to put your skills into making an actual piece of furniture, then you can try something similar to this project. This is a table with the base made of recycled pipes. You basically just have to take plumbing pipes and to join them in order to create a base for your table. The table has to be evenly supported. It’s an inexpensive and creative project.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

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If you want, you can also make a lamp out of recycled objects. For example, with a few gas pipes and an empty glass bottle you can make a very nice lamp. The lamp will have a vintage look and it will add character to your home. You can mount it on the wall or you can place on the table, desk, etc. You can create all sorts of designs so be creative.{found on hiconsumption}.

Pipes, regardless of their shape, have an industrial look or it would be great if you could use them to create an industrial-style piece. For example, you could make something similar to this lighting fixture. This is the Knot Pipe Light and it’s available in four different finishes: stainless, aluminum, galvanized and rough iron.Available on etsy.

Pipes are extremely versatile and they can be sued for so many projects. You could make all sorts of pieces of furniture with them. You could make a shelving unit, a table, a chair and several other things. If you decide to make several projects involving recycled pipes, make sure your creations share a similar style.{found on site}.

And since we mentioned shelving units made of pipes, here’s an example of such a design. This minimalist shelving unit can also be cheap creation if you make it yourself. The structure is made of recycled pipes and the shelves are made of wood. You’ll have to connect them all carefully and to attach the pipes to the wall.

If your home office is lacking a desk then there’s an easy and creative way of solving the problem. You’ll need to find an old door and some plumbing pipes. Use the pipes to make the base for the table and then the door can become the top. To give it a nice fresh look you can repaint or stain the door and you can also give the pipes a new finish.

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Chairs can also be made of recycled pipes. In fact, they’re one of the simplest pieces of furniture you can make. So gather some pipes and come up with a structure. This chair, for example, has a very simple structure and design. The pipes form the supporting structure and the seat is made of fabric with cushions that make it more comfortable.

Using recycled pipes you can also create a very practical shelving system. Use your creativity and come up with original shapes and designs. You can mix the pieces in any way you want. You just have to make sure everything it nicely supported and can hold the pieces you wish to store. It’s best if you attach the pipes to the wall in several places.

Here are a few more examples of shelving units that were created using recycled pipes. The pipes can be sued as elements that form the structure of the unit or as connecting pieces for the shelves. You can create small designs or something more complex. You can also include enclosed storage spaces.

We’re going to finish with another very nice lamp made from recycled pipes. This is Agnes. It’s a table lamp made of galvanized pipework fittings and a tube that holds the light bulb. The bulb resembles a droplet of water and the resemblance is even stronger because of the pipes and the shape of the lamp.Available for £195.00.



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