Randolph Wooden Bar

Normally we keep in the house only the basic pieces of furniture, the ones that we use regularly, like the bed, table, chairs, cupboard, wardrobe and a few more. But, from time to time, you can find some special kind of furniture, depending on the house you are visiting and the people living in it. One such a thing is the bar, which is usually a wooden piece of furniture where you can keep the wine bottles, the brandy bottles and even some glasses you can use when tasting the liquors.

The wooden Randolph bar from the Pottery Barn is amazing, as it can offer you a special place for keeping the wine and the other beverages, but also offers distinction and class to any room where it is placed. It is handcrafted in wood and can be purchased for $1,299. It has an interior shelf that you can adjust to whatever height you might need and is built from birch, MDF and basswood veneer. The support for the wine bottles keeps them in horizontal position, which is the best one for them, never letting the air touch the cork. The two doors open widely to give you access to the interior where you can find the drawer and the other compartments.

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