Puzzling glass coffee table

Coffee tables are a great piece of furniture. A home just doesn’t feel compete without a coffee table in the living room. It’s probably the best choice when you want to fill out the space from the living room. Furthermore, coffee tables are really practical and functional.

Glass coffee tables seem to be very appreciated as they have that simple and elegant look. A glass coffee table will always look stylish, regardless of the design. The next design that will be presented to you is especially interesting as it has an unusual design. What is distinctive about this particular coffee table is that it can be taken apart into smaller pieces. It has a round top that can be split into 3 individual pieces while the middle stays intact. The pieces can be easily put back together with minimal effort.

I’m not sure how this can increase the functionality of the coffee table. Maybe there could be a situation when several guests might be spread all over the living room and it might be inconvenient for them to keep getting up in order to reach the coffee table, so it would be easier if everyone has a little piece in their own corner. Anyway, the design is quite interesting and it could come in handy sometimes. It would make an eye-catching piece in nay living room.Available for 517$.

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