Puzzle furniture – multifunctional fun and very smart

Puzzles are fun for everyone and it’s why they have inspired a variety of designs for furniture and not only. But in the case of furniture designs, puzzles have brought more than just a fun touch. They also put the bases for smart, space-efficient and multifunctional designs. Use dimension and shape in your favor. We have made a selection of 10 very interesting furniture pieces with puzzle-inspired designs.


This is the Multiplo furniture, a modular concept designed by Heyteam. It’s composed of modules with varying sizes and shapes. These modules can be arranged in a variety of ways according to your needs and preferences. You can make a bed, a table, a sofa, a side table and several other units using these modules.


This playful system is offered by Dutch design firm Studio Lawrence. It’s a collection that combined individual pieces and elements that can be put together to form all sorts of seating combinations. A sofa can be converted into a series of individual seats and you can create numerous eye-catching combinations.

Slot sofa.

This is the Slot sofa, a very interesting piece of furniture with a dynamic design. It’s actually a system that includes a sofa, a coffee table and an ottoman and combines them into a compact structure. The table goes in the gaps between the cushions of the sofa and slides in place and the ottomans can be hidden underneath the table.

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Tat-tris is furniture seating designed for children. It greatly reminds us of the Tetris game with the different shapes and colors. These individual modules can be put together in a variety of different configurations. Creating the actual furniture is very fun for the children and they can experiment and discover new designs every day.

[email protected]

The [email protected] furniture was inspired by the same popular game. Designed to be fun and space-efficient, this collection of puzzle pieces can be reconfigured in a variety of ways. It’s a collection that’s perfect for small spaces or for those that want to add a little bit of fun to their interior décor. A very versatile creation based on a simple concept.

Multiple combinations seating.

Grado is a collection of separate elements that can be combined and reconfigured according to the user’s needs and preferences. Multiple combinations are possible and you can choose the one that better suits your space. Not only that this is a very versatile design, but it’s also very practical as lots of storage compartments are included.

For kids.

And since we’re talking about puzzle furniture, this is actually the model that inspired us. It’s a pouf collection from BuzziSpace Design Team. The different elements are shaped like actual puzzle pieces and they feature bold and vibrant colors. They are soft and comfortable and very fun to work with, making this collection perfect for the children’s room.

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Portable office.

We also found a very interesting portable office design. It’s made of EPS foam, it’s light and easy to carry and to move around. The collection consists of several pieces such as two office chairs and a desk. It’s a modern creation that allows you to save space and to have an office that’s actually strictly linked to a certain room of the house.

Tetris pieces.

And we’re back to the Tetris game that also inspired this design. This is an exclusive Sideboard with high gloss lacquered finish and a very ingenious and space-saving structure. It has 26 parts that fit together perfectly just like Tetris pieces. They include drawers, a table and two benches, all hidden behind this perfectly packed façade.


The last piece we want to show you today has nothing to do with space-saving. It’s just nice to look at and modern. This is a stool with a top shades like a puzzle piece. It’s made of wood, small and chic and it can be a very nice accessory for your home. Multiple pieces can be combined to form a larger puzzle.



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