Practical Laundry Rack Designs That Don’t Stand Out

The laundry rack is among those things that we don’t give enough importance to. Just like the dish drying rack, it’s an important element that we use on a regular basis. Just think about it: it seems logical to be an efficient and as practical as you can when washing and hanging clothes. It’s why choosing the right type of laundry rack is mandatory. Another thing to consider is the fact that laundry racks don’t need to stand out so the simpler they are, the better.

To save floor space, try a wall-mounted rack that folds down only when needed. You can have it installed on one of the walls in your laundry room.

Or perhaps you’d like to install it closer to the floor if the room has a set of windows. Position the laundry rack in such a way that the clothes don’t touch the floor or the furniture when you hang them to dry.{found on echeloncustomhomes}.

This type of wall-mounted clothes drying rack is quite the space-saver. It stays flush with the wall when not needed and folds down horizontally with ease. Just make sure it doesn’t incommode when in this position.{found on youcancallmegwen}.

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If you lack space in your laundry room or if you don’t even have one, then you must be clever when choosing the right type of laundry rack. Obviously, a custom made one would be best and you can make one yourself using eye hooks, magnets and strips of wood.{found on chezlarsson}.

These winging racks are really practical. They take little space, stay flush with the wall when not needed and can hold plenty of clothes, especially shirts. You can even place them in a corner of your laundry room.{found on hopelonginglife}.

Laundry racks don’t need to stand out. In fact, it’s best if they don’t so hide them in your drawers. Actually, they are the drawers in this case. They slide back and forth and remain hidden under the counter most of the time.

This folding drying rack is also really interesting. It has a few hooks as well and can extend quite a bit. It may not be able to hold a lot of clothes but it’s just what you need for small things and accessories.{found on beyondthefrontdoorinteriors}.

If there’s no more available space on the walls, hang your clothes from the ceiling. We’re talking about a laundry rack that is suspended from the ceiling and offers plenty of room for a full load. A pulley system lets you pull it up and down.{found on highmark}.

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Here the laundry room combines a variety of solutions. On one hand, there’s that folding drying rack on the floor. Then there’s also the suspended ladder with hooks which can also be used as a laundry rack.{found on littlelucylu}.

This rack extends from the furniture in the laundry room. It sits up where it doesn’t incommode or obstruct anything and the clothes are organized along the four long poles.{found on gabrielholland}.

A single metal rack can be enough if it’s long enough. You can use hangers for shirts and pants and this way you’ll be able to simply take them down when dry and move them directly into the dresser.{found on designfirstinteriors}.



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