Portable Fireplaces That Create An Instant Cozy Vibe Wherever They Go

Fireplaces are always unique and memorable features and any house or apartment that has one stands out. But not all homes can accommodate one so what then? The answer is simple: a portable fireplace that can create an instant cozy vibe whenever you decide to place, whether it’s the living room, the bedroom or even the bathroom.

The Accenda portable tabletop fireplace is perfect for any setting. It has a modern design created by Nu-Flame and it’s small enough to comfortably fit on your vanity, nightstand or side table. You can buy this chic accent piece for $169.

Also modern and sleek, the Irradia fireplace comes from the same designers. It’s encased in glass and creates a dancing ribbon of fire ready to warm up any room of the house. You can get it now for $99 and use it both indoors and outside.

Lampada has a solid square base and four small tempered glass windscreens. It’s classy and elegant design allows you to use it as an accent piece in the living room or as a centerpiece for the dining room table for social events.Available for $79.

The FireGlo Gel Fuel fireplace may be small but it definitely makes a strong impression. Its sculptural design allows it to stand out visually, being built of powder-coated metal tube, sheet metal and tempered glass. The three cans of fuel can be replaced with pillar candles. You can purchase this portable fireplace for $155.

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Shaped like an egg, similar with Malm fireplaces and made of white ceramic with an insulating layer of rock wool, the portable fireplace designed by Fredrik Hylten-Cavallius definitely stands out. It rests on five wooden legs and is perfect for corner spaces.

If minimalistic and modern is what you’re looking for, there are a few stylish options including the Madison fireplace which you can buy for $399. It’s the perfect centerpiece for the living room and an element that could replace the coffee table without making it seem like anything is missing.

The Veniz fireplace is just as sleek and simple. It’s made mostly of glass with a suspended burner at the center resting on a curved metal surface. Of course, style and beauty come with a price and in this case it’s $852.

The Manhattan ethanol fuel fireplace has a geometric and sculptural look inspired by the triangle. The shape makes it perfect for corner areas although it can look really great at the center of the room as well. You can get this piece for $149.

If you prefer something more traditional, perhaps with a bit of industrial flair, the Stack Stoves may be your best choice. Their designs were inspired by the traditional ceramic stoves but were adapted for a contemporary lifestyle.

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Totem Commerce is an outdoor freestanding fireplace with a solid black body that contrasts with the flames. The fireplace is portable and can also be used indoors as it produces no smoke and was designed to be extra safe.

Featuring a very similar design with a few small differences, the Jar Commerce fireplace by Christophe Pillet has a white cylindrical base made of concrete combined with the glass on top in order to look modern and chic.

Coffee Fire Long is the creation of Planika Studio and it’s an interesting combination between a modern coffee table and a small, portable fireplace. The two elements are elegantly combined into one beautiful piece.

The Babele fireplace was designed by Mario Ferrarini and it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It was built of 4mm thick steel and has a geometric shape able to adapt to a variety of decors. A folded side panel can be opened to reveal a storage area.

Designer Giovanna Talocci created a really interesting design for a portable fireplace that has handles and an architectural design. It’s made of stainless steel with an epoxy finish that makes it suitable for outdoor use.



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