Playful storage No.216 Sideboard

The No. 216 Sideboard designed by Jesper Ståhl is special made for your paper work documents, the side board is perfect for you home office or your company office.The Sideboard No.216 comes in different designs, giving you the choice to choose wich model you like best for your home office or company office. The design has many compartments for all sized papers and you can move the board wherever, whenever you want.

It look like an easel so it fits anywhere you have a little free space. Take advantage of every inch of valuable room or office space with No. 216 Slideboard. Each wood shelving unit is angled to fit into your room. Fully finished it has a professional look, and it will improve your work with just one touch.


Jesper Ståhl said that with the sideboard sideboard “No. 216” I wanted to tell a story, to visualize something that we encounter every day but we seldom reflect on. In this case, the unique definition of the A-format as often used for paper sizes. The goal was to create a playful and at the same time convenient storage with its own expression. The cabinet as a whole is full A0, where the doors and compartments corresponding to the dimensions A1 down to A8.

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