Plastic Fantastic Chair by Jasper van Grootel

As you all know the shift towards neon is pushing forward, so today’s inspired piece is a sleek upholstered chair with armrests. Jasper van Grootel restores Baroque styled antiques and coats them with a special soft skin rubber. The designer keeps expanding the Plastic Fantastic collection every year with new furniture and accessories. The quality of the rubber has reached the highest level, feels soft and is extremely flexible and therefore more durable.

The Voltaire Chair is part of this series, a uniquely styled indoor and outdoor furniture collection. The furniture is newly made, mahogany wood treated with the rubber coating, including the seating area. This interesting piece is perfect for any home or office. You can use it to create an elegant corner or just to spice up your current decor.

This eclectic chair is great for any room due to the fact that it combines sophistication with fun. You can choose from 22 standard colors, or for an additional cost any of the 1000+ colors are available. Moreover, a ticker skin is also available and recommended for heavy wear and outdoor use. Its dimmensions are: 19″h x 19.25″w x 18.5″d for the seat and 41.75″h for the back. If you want to make entertaining more fun then the Voltaire Chair is perfect for you. It’s a piece that will make your house smile.

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