Pivo Storage Tray by Jason Nip

I have all the necessary furniture that you usually see in a house, but I always have trouble with storing the little things that appear in the house. I do have some shelves in the kitchen and in the bathroom, but I was looking for something more handy that can store these little things but also keep them out of the reach of children. So I found this interesting Pivo storage tray at Umbra.

This tray has three round layers that glide to the side, leaving you access to any of the three drawers. It is white and made of acrylic, being designed by Jason Nip. It looks very nice and can be used in any of the rooms in your house. You can use it in your room to keep there the small jewels, bracelets and cotton balls you use for removing the make-up, but you can also use it in the bathroom for storing such small items like cotton swabs, little brushed, unused soap, washing gloves etc. You can now purchase it for about $20, which is a very good price for this useful item.


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