Personalized Photo Wall Clocks

We want our homes to be nice and cosy, but also to look fine and to show personality. It’s not like you were staying in a hotel room that is supposed to be impersonal in order to allow all the guests to feel fine there. When you are at home you will leave your personal touch in everything that you arrange. And this is pretty “cool”, as your house will “borrow” your personality, too. And the best way of showing this is by choosing a few things that are personalized and displaying them around the house. The best example is a personalized wall clock that has a photo of you and your family in.

This nice wall clock is simple and made of aluminum, with a black round frame that fits any kind of room design and wall color. The personalized photo is placed on the inside, under the clock arms and it is protected by a plastic window that also has the role of protecting it against sun rays, that is it is UV protection in order to avoid deteriorating it in time and making it fade away. It makes the perfect gift for someone you care about and it looks really nice against a white wall in the hallway or maybe on the walls of your room.

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