Pacini Capellini’s Michey Mouse TV stand

Personally I’ am not a fan of Mickey Mouse. I actually find him quite annoying. However, I have to admit that this TV stand inspired by this apparently immortal cartoon character, doesn’t look bad at all. It might even look attractive, at least for the little ones. And it’s practical too.

It is a TV stand designed for flat – screen TVs and it is made of lacquered MDF. Because the shape is borrowed from the popular cartoon character Mickey Mouse, it automatically includes the 2 ears. They are not there just to complete the image of Mickey Mouse. You can also use the mouse ears to store DVDs, CDs, or even books or anything else you find appropriate. In addition to that, it also features 2 glass shelves with a storage drawer that offers you even more storage space for things like the remote control for example.

The interesting this about this piece of furniture is that you don’t necessarily have to be a fan of this annoyingly happy mouse to like the TV stand. Personally I don’t care about the shape, I just find it practical. But if you have a kid he will certainly love it.


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