Outstanding Sideboards And Cabinets Designed To Impress

We’ve seen our share of buffets and sideboards as well as sideboard cabinets and most of them are pretty mainstream with designs that serve the functions they’re meant to but other than that don’t exactly impress. Every once in a while, however, we come across something outstand, something exquisite like a sideboard that stands out thanks to its unusual shape or a cabinet that’s eye-catching in a totally unexpected way.

There’s obviously some resemblance between the Heritage Sideboard and ginger jars from China or hand-painted tiles from Portugal. Similar to these, the sideboard from Boca do Lobo features a mesmerizing design with several layers, each telling a different story and together creating a wonderful big picture.

It’s shaped like a jewel and it has a name that reflects that. The Diamond sideboard has a sculptural design, with two doors that reveal a gold leaf interior fitted with shelves and a drawer. This version has a silver leaf finished exterior mixed with a chocolate brown high gloss varnish. The base, which completes the sculptural form, is made from mahogany and lined with bronze mirror.

The Diamond sideboard featured just now tells a beautiful story and that story continues with a new chapter: Metamorphosis.The process of the metamorphosis is most often associated with insects, being reminiscent of the way in which caterpillars transform into butterflies. This concept was applied to this Boca do Lobo classic and the result was the Diamond Metamorphosis, a sideboard that seeks to provoke a reaction and to become the center of attention.

The Kahn sideboard is in a lot of ways an homage to the style of the architect Louis Kahn, as the name clearly suggests. The cabinet has a strong and dramatic presence, featuring brass details that blend with the glossy black surfaces and the black glass top. This is a luxurious piece that hides an elegant wooden interior in a caramel tone.

This is the Uluru sideboard, a unique piece of furniture inspired by nature in every way. The Uluru Mountain, found in Australia, featured beautiful colors that change throughout the day based on the angle and the intensity of the light. The color that prevails is the reddish hue of rust which is also the color chosen for the sideboard. It looks theatrical in combination with the brass base

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The structure of the Alba sideboard is actually quite symmetrical, despite the apparently random pattern that defines its front panels. The sideboard is divided into three main sections. At the center, it has two drawers while the two sides are cupboards with adjustable shelves and built-in cable access points. That being said, you can use this unit as a media cabinet but also as a storage cabinet for hallways, bedrooms and other spaces.

The Mallow sideboard from Alto is both simple and sophisticated, with a design that blends clean and simple lines with smooth and fluid curves. It has a frame made of painted iron mixed with wood veneer panels and polished stainless steel hardware. It’s the type of elegant accent piece you can put in a dining room, on a hallway but also in a living room or even in a bedroom.

A lot of the unique sideboards that we chose to include here pay homage to something special. It’s no different for the Whakairo sideboard from Alma de Luce which has a design that takes inspiration from nature but also from the art of sculpting wood celebrated by the Maori – Whakairo culture. The sideboard is made of walnut wood and has a memorable, tapered structure.

The exclusive sideboard called Edith is very special indeed. Its surface is upholstered in smooth fabric with a velvet-like texture and a special pink tone. The sideboard is topped with gray marble and stands on a golden metal base that matches the trim around the top and center. The combination of colors, materials and finishes create a sophisticated, high-end look.

Doesn’t this sideboard look just Dandy? That’s right, this is actually its name. Its design is mid- century modern, resembling a vintage radio  but managing to stay simple enough so it looks good in a variety of environments and settings. The sideboard is made of solid walnut and gold-plated brass, a combination designed to turn this into a statement piece for any room you decide to put it in.

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The Monocles would in fact be a bar cabinet, perfectly fitted to hold bottles and glasses but equally suited for other settings as well. Its most notable design feature is the series of differently-sized circle holes on the front which, by the way, is made of brass and complemented by a walnut wood structure and body. The tapered legs with metal tips give the sideboard a bohemian look.

The Walnut sideboard is named after the tree that made its existence possible. As you see, the design is an homage to nature, trees in particular. The door handles are actually tree branches cast in brass. The unit’s body is made from American Walnut veneer with antique brass plate accents. The cabinet has drawers and shelves and is big enough to be very practical storage-wise but also sleek and elegant enough to not look bulky.

The inspiration for the Symphony sideboard, as the name already suggests, comes from church organ tubes blended with the elegance of the violin. The sideboard is handcrafted and enveloped in in polished brass tubes that hide its wooden structure. The design is a mixture of classic and contemporary, a reinterpretation of an idea.

This right here is the Piedmont sideboard, a limited edition furniture piece with a very interesting design. It’s resulted from the combination of walnut burl and metal. The actual form of the sideboard is very simple but the uniqueness lies in the details, more exactly in the beautiful patterns and the carefully-selected finishes meant to highlight its beauty and elegance and to make each individual piece special and unique.



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