Outdoor inox mail box by Marcial Ahsayane

Here’s a mailbox idea that I find quite interesting. It was originally described as a “green mailbox” on the site I first saw it but I have a few objections to that term. First let’s analyze it a little and then we’ll see the advantages and disadvantages.

Outdoor inox mail box

This cute mailbox was designed by Brussels-based designer Marcial Ahsayane and it was called Green Mailbox. It’s basically a simple mailbox, shapes like a little house that features a shelf for holding a plant and an inclined roof that captures rain water to irrigate the plant. I find this piece quite interesting and cute.

Outdoor inox mail box

However, there are some elements that I don’t quite understand. First of all, the mailbox will have to stay outside, in an unprotected area. This means that both the mailbox and the plant will be exposed to rain so there’s no need to include the inclined roof. This will only oversaturate the plant with water.

Outdoor inox mail box

Moreover, the pot is quite small so there are limitation to the type of plant you would be able to use. It has to be small and it has to be draught-tolerant if we accept the fact that it will only use rainwater to grow. In this case, your plant will probably die very soon, either because of the lack of water or because it will drawn. However, the principle could probably be used on a larger scale where it will probably be more efficient.

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