Optical illusion furniture that stands out in any décor

People have always been fascinated by optical illusions and the way the trick the eye. This has led to the attempt to incorporate this illusion in the design of artwork and furniture. Of course, it’s not easy to design something like that. But some designers have managed to create amazing pieces that quickly became popular thanks to their intriguing designs and shapes. These are some of the most impressive creations:

Shadow chair.

This is the Shadow chair, a piece of furniture with a very clear and suggestive name. in the case of this piece, the chair’s shadow becomes a part of the design and what seems to be a piece of furniture that lacks stability and support is actually just an optical illusion. It’s a great piece that would definitely attract the attention of your guests.

Invisible chair.

And since we started discussing chairs, here’s another one with an interesting design that tricks the eye. This chair was designed by Nendo and it’s actually not very different from any regular chair we all have in our homes. The thing that makes this one special is the paint. It has clear acrylic at the base of the legs and the color fades slowly to wood-color paint towards the top.

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Essey – Tall Illusion Table.

Let’s now shift our attention to another basic piece of furniture: the side table. Of course, this is not just any side table. It’s called “Illusion” and it’s a handcrafted piece of furniture made of 4 mm acrylic. It’s being made in Germany and each piece is unique. The idea behind the design was to create a table that looks like a table cloth. The visual effect is spectacular. You can learn more about this intriguing design by reading our article dedicated to this piece here.

Illusion Bookshelf.

Of course, optical illusions can also be created with the help of other pieces of furniture and even with some home accessories. This, for example, is a bookshelf that seems to be nothing but a 3D drawing when in fact it’s a functional storage and display system. The bookshelf was designed by Clarke Hopkins Clarke and it’s a wonderful detail for modern homes.

Illusion lamp.

Since we’ve mentioned accessories, let’s take a look at some. We’re going to start with this interesting-looking lamp. It’s called “Illusion”, just like the table we’ve shown you above and it was designed by  Hareide Design for Northern Lighting. It’s a wall-mounted lamp that looks like it’s been cut in half. It’s a great statement piece and it also comes as a hanging lamp.

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Another common home accessory is the rug. Here we have a series of rugs that have a very simple design with an unexpected detail. These rugs were created by designers Dimitri Bähler, Linn Kandel and Ismaël Studer and feature a three-dimensional look. They come in different colors and shapes and can be combined in many interesting ways.

Levitating lamp.

A great optical illusion is levitation and we found a lamp that exploits this tricks. These two lamps are called Silhouette respectively Eclipse and they’ve been designed by a company called Crealev. They work with electromagnetic technology and feature LEDs. They are definitely eye-catching accessories that can become focal points in any décor and any room.

Optical Illusion Stools.

The last optical illusion piece of furniture we’re included in this top is actually a set of four stools. It was created by designer Anna Bullus and they’re actually very simple but they have an element of surprise. The stools are playful piece that can be combined in numerous configurations. They can be turned into a coffee table or used separately. Regardless of the case, the effect is always impressive and unexpected.



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