Open Space Closets – For Those Who Are Organized And Want To Show It

Being organized is not that easy. But closets often help with that. It’s much easier to be organized when there’s a compartment for everything. And if you’re just not cut out for this you can just throw everything inside and close the doors. Well, not always. Open closets are only for the super organized type. You can’t just hide your mess. You have to actually try.

An open closet eliminates the unneeded furniture around the actual storage system. For example, you only need a rod for hanging all your cloths.{found on marenviks}.

You can try something in between the traditional and open closet types such as this piece. It has transparent glass doors and panels so you can see everything inside.{found on cocolapine}.

Another option is to have a big wall unit with lots of different compartments and drawers just like a big closet but to remove the doors and to have a curtain instead.

For your cloths, try something chic like this piece. Don’t hide your outfits and have them close at hand. It makes it easier to visualize the combinations you can create.{found on blushshop}.

Although such a closet may not be something everyone appreciates, it can be very practical. The design is simple and very similar to traditional closets, the difference being that there are no doors to hide the items inside.{found on dwell}.

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Assuming you’ve already decided that a traditional closet is not the best choice for you, you can explore all sorts of other options and mix and match your favorite pieces. This way you may even be able to save some space.{found on 47parkavenue}.

Open closets are perfect for dressing rooms. Don’t waste space with robust furniture. Focus on the functional part instead.

Find new ways to store and display your clothes and accessories. You’ll be able to use the space in a room in interesting and unusual ways.

An open closet can be very suitable for a small bedroom. The lack of space and the low ceiling in this particular room make this pipe storage system perfect for the room.

Of course, an open closet doesn’t eliminate the presence of all the different compartments which make organization so much easier. In fact, this is an opportunity to be inventive and to come up with new storage ideas.

Open shelves and hooks are very useful in this particular case. Although there’s nowhere to hide all these things, they don’t give the room a messy look.

Want something rustic, maybe something that brings back memories? How about a piece like this. It’s one of those display cases with shelves but you can turn it into a closet.

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If one rod can’t accommodate all your clothes, then use two. One can be raised up to the ceiling. You can store there outfits you don’t regularly use.

Here’s a similar storage system. Everything is neatly organized and, because there’s nowhere to hide anything, you basically just have to be organized.



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