Nido Tufted Sleeper Lounge Chair

We all like stories where the main character turns into something unexpected. We know stories from our childhood with the frog that turned into a beautiful prince when kissed by the princess, the ugly horse that turns into a nice and strong stallion, the bad witch that turns into an old woman after drinking a potion and so on. Tat is totally true: we love those things who surprise us and become something else when you least expect. This Nido Tufted Sleeper Lounge Chair is of those things. It is actually a sleeper lounge chair that can be turned into a semicircular mattress.

If you combine two such lounge chairs you can get a round mattress that you can use on the floor when you have guests who sleep over night and lack a comfortable bed. The lounge sofa is very easy to roll and become the tufted chair again, easy to place in any corner of your living room, showing a nice design and taking little space to store.The tufted mattress is available in a natural colour and has a poly-cotton twill cover that looks great. There is a foam layer providing additional support and another fire retardant layer protecting it. The piece of furniture is space saving and also very cool, with a modern design and offering great comfort. The designers, Anders Backe, Anne-Sofie Voss, Ida Sofie Lange, Lars Wigh, and Troels Rack Pedersen come from Denmark and won the title “Best Product” Innovation Cup in 2009. It is available now for $299.

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