Nesting Tables – A Trend You Must Follow This Year

Nesting tables have been around for quite some time but they became really popular lately as people started to appreciate their functionality.Nesting tables are great space-saving solutions for small spaces. They allow you to save space without having to give up the comfort of having a lot of furniture.

This set of nesting tables matches the style of the décor as well as the color palette

By opting for nesting tables you basically save a lot of floor space. Because they fit one inside the other, you can have three tables that only take up the space needed for one. This way you spread them throughout the room, use them independently and then store them cleverly when not needed anymore.

Wooden nesting tables also have some classical charmSleek designs like this one allow you to maintain a very open interior décor

Such sets can also serve as nightstands, coffee tables and side tables. Use them when guests come over, when you need some extra counter space, a desk for your laptop or something to put a lamp on in the reading corner.

Nesting tables are very useful as side tables and extra furniture
These tables match the coffee table in the center of the roomAnother great use for nesting tables is as nightstands in the bedroomYou can use them independently or as a set, depending on the situationA set of nesting tables can very well serve as a coffee table replacementGlass nesting tables appear to take up less visual spaceThe simplicity of the design makes these nesting tables perfect for a modern décor

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The versatility of nesting tables makes them incredibly practical and functional. They are a perfect choice for small spaces as they allow you to maintain a clean and open interior design without giving up comfort. The tables come in all sorts of designs. Acrylic or glass nesting tables appear to take up even less space so they’re particularly interesting.

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