Multifunctional wood table-bench

HP01 TAFEL is a combination between a table and a bench. It’s a tablebench and it was designed by Hans De Pelsmacker for e15. It’s a part of the Tafel collection and it was designed in 2000. The most important feature of this piece would have to be its versatility. Because it’s both a bench and a table its functionality instantly doubles.

More than that, this piece also has a simple design that allows to be easily integrated in any type of décor. It’s also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and it’s something that would be useful in private as well as in public environments. For example, it could be a nice addition to a home office, to a reading corner, deck, terrace, lounge area but also to spaces such as a library. The unit is available in both solid wood and aluminum so there are two versions to choose from, increasing its versatility even more.

The aluminum version features a load-bearing framework covered with 3 mm thick aluminum sheets. This particular model is suitable for outdoor use because of its ability to withstand the environmental conditions. For both versions, all the components are sanded and welded by hand. The walls are 66 mm thick. The unit has adjustable feel and there’s also an oak version adjusted for kids.

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