Multifunctional Wood Plank Storage Bench

Every bedroom needs a storage unit. Whether it’s a cabinet or an unconventional trunk, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy with it. Today we’re presenting you the Wood Plank Storage Bench. It’s a storage unit with a simple and rustic design that serves as a storage space as well as a seat.

The storage bench has a unique rustic industrial look, simple and rough but yet sophisticated. The seat of the bench can be lifted and the inside can be used to store extra bedding, towels, even cloths or magazines, basically anything you want. The piece is crafted from weathered wood slats hand tied with wire and stenciled on each side with numbers from 1 to 99. It also has cutout handles making it easy to move around. The overall dimensions of this product are 20″H X 29 1/2″W X 20″D, while the inside measures 15 1/2″H and the top is 2 5/8″H.

Because of its simplistic design and industrial look, the item can be used in the bedroom, in the living room, even in the bathroom, basically anywhere you want. It’s a very functional extra storage unit and it can also be sued as a bench. The numbers printed on the sides vary and so does the color. You can purchase the storage bench for $449.00.

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