Multifunctional T Furniture by Antoine Lesur

Mister T is a multifunctional piece of furniture designed by Antoine Lesur. The Paris-based designer created it for French firm Oxyo. It’s a modern piece of furniture that responds to the needs of the modern lifestyle. It’s hard to define this piece of furniture. It doesn’t have a precise form nor a single function.

Mister T is composed of a basket, a tray and two cushions. It can serve as a multitude of different objects. It has many functions and it can be used as a low table, a tray, a seat, a footrest and anything else you can think of when you see it. It’s a great piece for small homes. Since it can serve as many objects in one, it’s particularly useful in such spaces. It takes little floor space and it can be used in many ways.

Mister T is the perfect combination of function and style. It’s a multifunctional piece of furniture and it has a stylish, regardless how you put or use it. As it usually happens in such cases, Mister T is just a prototype. It’s not yet available for purchase but hopefully it will be soon. It has a simple design and this makes it especially versatile. It’s also designed with several different colors so it offers you the freedom of choosing more than one.

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