Multifunctional Bookcase by Orla Reynolds

If you think of an old bookcase you will have in mind the image of a huge, wood piece of furniture full of dusty and thick books or vintage pieces of art, which will definitely take a lot of space from your precious room. Usually vintage bookcases are massive and take a lot of space but now the tendency is to offer more space and perhaps other possibilities to store things. So, now, the modern bookcases look slimmer, offer some great storage space and can even help you create different ways to arrange your things.

The designer Orla Reynolds, a former ballet dancer, influenced by her previous job designed a modern multifunctional bookcase which was meant to represent a scene change at the theatre and combine the idea of using space efficiently and art. Thus, here it is a nice bookcase made of white slim squares which can hide colorful tables and chairs between its shelves. They can be pulled out easily and thus it is no need to find some other storage spaces for these pieces and enjoy more space for your room.

It is even nicer the fact that you can transform this bookcase into a comfortable place for reading or create some side tables and other pieces of furniture that you can use to arrange and store your things in an organized manner. It is a multifunctional and modern piece which offer great storage space and can make you become more creative and think of different ways you can arrange your things.

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