Modular Eames Storage Unit

This innovative storage unit was designed by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller®. They designed it back in 1950 when the concept of modularity wasn’t popular yet. In fact, they didn’t even consider this concept when they designed the Eames storage unit and yet they managed to create a timeless design that is still very popular.

The Eames storage unit is suitable for both office and residential use. It was designed for storage but also for display. The unit features a series of individual storage compartments and display spaces combined into a compact design. The modules feature two color schemes that are combined and alternated. The unit was originally designed for a 1949 exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

The storage unit is a classic and it features some elements also found in other designs of the two geniuses behind this one. These elements include things such as the molded plywood or the wire supports that can also be seen in items such as the wire base table or the chairs created by the same two designers. This particular storage unit features two color schemes. One includes more natural tones such as the grey, black, white and tan shades. The other is a multi-color scheme and includes colors such as red, white, blue, grey, black, yellow and tan used for the birch fronts. The unit includes open storage compartments, drawers, shelves and sliding doors. It has a timeless design and it’s very versatile.Available for 2,999$.

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