Modern Ways To Seamlessly Hide The Living Room TV

The TV is an integral part of any modern home’s interior. It reached the point where it serves as the main focal point of the living room, the whole space being organized and planned around it. There are however those cases when sometimes the TV inevitably has to be the focal point of the room while other times there’s no point in even having a TV in the room. These options don’t have to be mutually exclusive if a solution can be found so that the TV can only be visible when required. In other words, we’re looking for modern ways to hide the TV and we actually found some pretty cool ones.

The residence designed by MOPS Architecture Studio in Moscow, Russia has this elegant wall divider with a built-in open fireplace which can be enjoyed from either side and a set of doors which cleverly hide a built-in TV. The antique oak looks exquisite especially in combination with the marble featured on the floor.

Wolveridge Architects chose a different strategy when they designed the Northcote Residence. The TV in the living room is mounted onto the wall and a sliding panel can move from side to side to either hide it or reveal it, depending on the activity the inhabitants want to enjoy. The house is located in Melbourne, Australia.

This is the living room of an apartment situated in Paris, France which features amazing views of the Eiffel Tower and Seine. It’s a space designed by SO-AN which makes the most of sliding and pivoting panels. This particular room features sliding partitions which conceal the TV. When they open, the TV is revealed and the light fixtures on either side are hidden.

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The living room isn’t the only space which has a TV in contemporary homes. It’s pretty common to also have a TV in the kitchen if the size and layout allow it. Architect Ben Herzog and interior designer Kevin Dumais created such a space when designing this loft in Tribeca. They created this beautiful wood-paneled accent wall and they hid a TV inside it.

The apartment designed by Sanders Architecture and Cravotta Interiors has a dining table which converts into a pool table and that’s pretty cool but, even so, it’s not the only impressive element in this room. check out that eye-catching accent wall with geometric panels of various shapes, sizes and colors. One section opens up and reveals a wall-mounted TV.

Italian manufacturer Acerbis has created an entertainment unit that lets one slide a panel over the TV whenever it’s not in use. The unit is part of a collection designed by Massimo Castagna. the design is elegant and seamless and the sliding panels can be configured in various ways.

A combination of sliding panels, open shelving and built-in features make the living room of this home in Myslowice, Poland an awesome multifunctional space. This can be a TV room when the TV is revealed but can also serve as a cozy lounge space or studio if the TV is hidden and the bookshelves are exposed. The design was done by Widawscy Studio Architektury.

Instead of trying to seamlessly conceal the TV inside a wall unit or behind cabinet doors, dig Architecture chose a different strategy. Check out this modern home from Atlantic Beach, Florida. It has a gorgeous interior sprinkled with industrial elements. In the living room, the wall-mounted TV is hidden behind carved wood panels installed on a metal track.

As you can see, there are a lot of modern ways to hide the TV and a lot of them are a perfect combination of style and function. A lot of ideas are also customizable and adaptable to suit particular decors and layouts. One example is the designed created by CONTENT Architecture for a residence in Houston, Texas.

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A common dilemma when decorating a living room is the fact that the TV and the wall art are two elements which would look ideal if placed in the same spot. Usually that’s not possible and compromises have to be made. There is, however, a solution. It involves hiding the TV behind sliding panels on which artwork is installed.

Overcomplicating a decor is rarely a positive thing so instead of trying to came up with an intricate way to hide the TV, perhaps it would be best to stick with a classic idea: hiding the TV inside a wall unit.{found foundassociates}.

The wall unit in this family room is both simple and complex. It’s mostly a collection of open shelves of various different shapes and sizes. One of the compartments is considerably larger and holds the TV and a set of vertical sliding panels can be repositioned to either hide the TV or some of the shelves.{found forsythegc}.

Decorative panels can be used to conceal a wall-mounted TV in the most stylish and elegant way. It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated. A pair of wooden panels on a metal track would look lovely in most decors.{found on visibleproof}.

In addition to the sliding panels, you can install some accent lighting as well. If you don’t want the wall to look suspiciously empty, make sure the panels stand out and take their decorative role seriously.{found on arqdesigns}.



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