Modern Wall Shelving Unit

Big walls are wonderful! The possibilities for decorating are endless, but not always we can find at a local store exactly what we want and many of us settle with another item that maybe fits as well but still leaves room for more. A solution to this is represented by the furniture companies that delivery their products all over the place.

A fine example of such an item is this wonderful creation for your living room set.  This fantastic piece of wall furniture features  4 drawers and  shelf compartments complete with 3 black glass sliding doors. This marvelous feature allows you to choose what stays covered up and what is on display.

This wall unit gives you the chance to be creative and to decorate each of the compartments differently and just slide the doors to suit your mood. Made entirely from a natural material, the walnut veneer ensures the quality certificate of the product. Black stylish glass adds value to the item, making it a true centerpiece for any interior design.

The dimensions of this creation represent the perfect esthetical  and mathematical proportions: width 98.4 “, height 85” , depth 13.7” . Thanks to the possibility of being delivered anywhere this model  can be yours at any given moment by order ,  but also it  requires to be assembled on site.Availble for 1499$.

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