Modern TV Tray Tables And Fabulous Ways To Use Them

To us, it was a bit uncertain what a TV tray table really was so we decided to do a little bit of research. As it turns out, it’s not strictly related to the TV, nor does it look like a tray. Actually, it’s a C-shaped sort of side table which allows you to have a place for your laptop, your favorite snack or your drink while you’re enjoying the comfort of your sofa. Let’s explore a few of the designs and the ways in which they can be useful.

Simple, sleek and practical, these tables don’t take up much space in the living room so you can have two or more without wasting floor space. In fact, they’re so practical they pretty much eliminate the need for a coffee table in the room.{found on torolombardo}.

Place them in front of you as you sit on the sofa so you can have your laptop on the table or, if you’d rather use them as a place to put the remotes or a glass of water, they can stay on the side.{found on lauxinteriors}.

TV tray tables or C tables show their versatility in a lot of ways. For example, there’s nothing stopping you from using them as regular side tables and place a vase on them.{found on garretcordwerner}.

Also, why not also use these cute little tables elsewhere in the house as well? Surely you can think of a way in which they can be useful in the bedroom. Maybe you can use one in your reading nook.

Some such tables have designs that are meant to make your TV and sofa experience more pleasant. They come with compartments for resting your drinks and even some slots of the phone or tablets.

We can think of tons of other ways in which these TV tray tables can be useful. For example, any room that has a sofa or a bed could use one. So if you have such a lounge area in the kitchen, don’t forget to accessorize it.{found on studiosantalla}.

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The kids could use such an accent piece of furniture in their room as well. They could use one when having a snack, breakfast in the morning or when working on one of their projects.{found on taylor-studio}.

Here’s another lovely example of a kids’ room with one of these tables incorporated in its design. This time the table is used as an accessory for a modular sofa.

In a home theater it would be nice to have more than one TV tray table so everyone can be comfortable while watching the movie and have a place to put their drinks, popcorn, etc.{found asidsandiego}

TV tray tables increase the comfort in the media room and they’re really practical because they take up so little space. Plus, they can be easily placed in any position you want, wherever you want.{found on robinsoninteriordesign}.

Surely, there’s more to these tables than just functionality and versatility. So don’t overlook their style. Perhaps you’d like to somehow match the tray table to your living room coffee table and they could both feature glass tops or some other detail.{found on marknicholsinteriors}.

Or you can have a coffee table with a wooden base and a tray table with a wooden top. This way they will complement each other in a really simple and elegant way.{found on johngold}.

Space-efficiency is very important when the living space is small. Here’s a perfectly good reason for wanting to have a TV tray table in the living room. Use it as a side table or however else you want. The possibilities are numerous.{found on i3design}.

Where to find these tables.

The Slim C-table comes in a whole range of bold colors so you can match it to your dynamic interior décor. Perfect for kids’ rooms or colorful living spaces, this table is made of powder-coated steel and you can buy it for $219.00.

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The Pipe table is perfect if you want to add a little bit of industrial flair to your home. It has a solid mango wood top and a raw steel frame. This versatile piece is available at the price of $179.

This wooden table is suitable for elegant decors, although its simple, handcrafted design makes it really versatile and adaptable. It features a dark walnut finish and you can get it for $135.00.

Linear and simple but with a top that definitely stands out, this C-table has a brushed metal base and a walnut live slab top. It’s one of those pieces of furniture that don’t need size or color to impress. Buy it for $350.00.

Table No.1 was designed specifically for those who enjoy to relax on the sofa. It nests around the corner of the sofa when not in use and it becomes really practical when you need it. It’s made of tube steel and walnut plywood. You can purchase it at the price of $300.00.

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces, this $187 C-table brings beauty wherever it goes. Made of premium teak, it’s weather-resistant and ideal for terraces and decks or casual entertaining in general.

Or how you can build one.

Seeing how simple the C-tables look to be, it shouldn’t be that hard to build one yourself. So here’s how you can make such a table using copper pipes and a piece of wood. Measure the cut the pipes, add the elbow fittings and use a bit of glue to secure them together. Once you’ve built the top and bottom base, stain the wood so you can also add the top.{found on 6thstreetdesignschool}.



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