Modern “S” Shaped Radiators

Those of us who live in any corner of the world in which sun is not present and shines  all the time at  the same intensity and thereby temperatures drop a few degrees and reach a  certain limit, are familiar with  heating devices.This can be a simple stove, a fire place or more modern heaters.These nowaday heaters use hot water circulating through a sistem of pipes very close to each other.

This radiators are very often a non cohesive element in different interior settings.If is such an important part of our homes and usualy it comes in standard square forms painted all in white why not make it in various shapes and colors or combinations of shape and color? Some people thought of that and succeeded to create smooth and harmonious radiators.Available in multiple shapes and colors these radiators can not only blend perfectly into the  desired   plan, but it can be a decorative item  by itself.I would love a big empty wall wearing only  the curved shapes of side by side piping, painted in gray and black tones.

This suddenly interesting item can be availiable for you in a single “S” shaped strip painted in almost any color or it can be mounted in two opposite “S”strips forming an interesting weave .The engineers and designer from Arbonia did a great job with this Entréetherm collection of heatears, inovating  the design of such a common product.

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