Modern rocking bed with a flexible design

We all know rocking chairs are very comfortable and relaxing but we often with we could lay down in them and be even more comfortable and cozy. The idea would be to have a rocking bed. It’s no longer a simple wish because it has become reality. You can now relax in a real rocking bed. It’s actually a very simple daybed with a curved base but, despite its minimalist appearance, it’s surprisingly enjoyable.

The daybed features a wooden structure with two curved pieces serving as a base, very similar to those found in rocking chairs. The only different here is that you’ll be able to lie down and even fall asleep in a comfortable position. This bed is great for covered outdoor areas. There you can just enjoy the view, feel the wind and the sun caressing your body and fall asleep. The daybed has a minimalist design and it has either one or two headrests.

This means it can either be used by one person or by a couple, depending on the situation. The surface of the bed is made of several separate elements that become one single structure. The reason for that is that, when sitting vertically against the wall, you can actually climb onto tis structure like on a ladder. The curved pieces serve as railings and thus the bed has a double function. When used as a bed, the headrest can be adjusted.{found on Liegeleiter}.

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