Modern Pet Furniture For Discerning Dogs, Cats And Their Owners

Officially welcome your beloved pets into the family by getting them some furniture of their own. Pet furniture is trendy these days so there are a lot of magnificent designs and styles to choose from. Many of them are designed to be comfortable and enjoyable for the pets as well as stylish, elegant and able to blend in with your own furniture. With that in mind, we’ve gathered a whole bunch of ideas to share with you today and we’ve split them into two big categories so dog and cat owners can easily find inspiration in these designs.

Furniture for dogs

A lot of dog beds usually found in pet shops are less than elegant which limits us when it comes to finding a good spot for them in our homes. That’s not the case here, as the Round pet bed is as stylish as it is comfortable. It has a waterproof inner protector, non-slip fabric on the base and a removable cover so you can easily clean it and keep it in good shape even when your dog comes home after having a blast in the park and wants to relax on their favorite bed.

Wouldn’t it be cool if your dog’s bed could match your own or your living room sofa? Well, if you’re a fan of mid-century modern design, the Case Study Furniture® Solid Wood Pet Daybed could be the perfect option. It’s elegant and stylish and blends in nicely with a lot of regular furniture pieces designed in the same style.

The Odense pet bed looks really comfy, with soft cushions on all sides and a stylish little frame that makes it look like a miniature sofa. It’s great for small dogs and for cats and has removable cushions. It gives your cute little pet a cozy place to sleep without being an eye-sore and it looks beautiful even in the living room or in your own bedroom.

The Layla bed gives your beloved pet the option to choose between two different sides of the mattress. One has a more flat and firmer feel, better suited for dogs that like to play a lot or other types of pets, and the other is textured and has a softer feel, perfect for a good night’s sleep. As for the general design, this pet bed is very simple and comes in three sizes.

Isn’t this dog house amazing? It’s not just quirky and cool-looking but also super fun as it’s made of tennis balls. The Fetch House has a modular 3D printed support structure which keeps all the tennis balls in place but also allows your dog to easily remove them one by one whenever they feel like they want to play and have some fun. The balls can then be put back together, completing the wall.

The dog furniture series designed by Wombow features sleek and modern beds with frames made of 10 mm thick Perspex and super comfortable faux suede cushions. They come in a variety of different colors including a clear version that completely exposes the cushion. There are also matching raised food bowls to go along with each of the colors.

The Riva pet bed is both cute and stylish, a perfect combination when it comes to these things. It’s a round bed with a comfy pillow inside and a woven shell made of soft fabric, giving it a textured look and a classy appearance. The bed comes in several different colors so you can easily incorporate it into your home’s existing decor. It’s great for small dogs as well as for cats.

This is not the type of design you would expect from a dog bed which is what makes it so special and amazing. The Covo dog bed is ideal for modern and contemporary interiors. It has a circular frame made from bent wood and it’s very sturdy and strong while also being sleek and stylish. It also has reduced dimensions and can fit in small spaces. In comes in four different wood colors and four types of cushions.

This mid-century modern dog bed has a sturdy wooden frame and four hairpin legs which elevate it off the floor and give it a more lightweight appearance while still keeping it nice and low so your pet can easily get in and out. The frame has an opening at the front for easy access and is available in a variety of different accent colors. Check it out on etsy.

Unless you’re aware of the scale and proportions, this could easily pass as a modern daybed for the living room. Humans however wouldn’t fit on it since this is actually a dog bed. It’s called the Dog Den and it has a beautiful oak frame complemented by a stylish and comfortable mattress which can be removed for easy transportation or cleaning. It really does look like a miniature daybed and that’s part of its unique charm.

A lot of pets, dog and cats included, like to sit with their humans on the sofa or the bed instead of on their own little mattresses which is actually a sign of affection and shouldn’t be punished. A nice response would be to find a way to incorporate a special little module into your own furniture pieces so each of you can have a place to sit, together but separate at the same time. That’s exactly what the PET sofa designed by studio Deesawat proposes.

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The Letto daybed is sleek and stylish, featuring a slender frame made from bent aluminum covered in wood veneer or painted in a variety of elegant colors for added customizability. It was designed by Gerd Couckhuy and is perfect for dogs of different sizes, offering them a comfortable place to sleep and a secure private spot right in your own living space.

There’s also a beautiful series of pet houses inspired by the iconic Swiss mountains. You can choose between pieces like the Dufour house which has a cubic shape with simple and straight angles, the Eiger house with an angled shape which offers more privacy to the pets, the Jungfrau which is minimalist and has an asymmetrical design and the Matterhorn house which follows a classic a frame aesthetic. They’re great for small dogs and cats alike.

This lovely dog house from MPUP is inspired by the classic shape of traditional pet shelters, with a pitched roof and simple and straight lines which embrace a modern aesthetic. It’s made with eco-friendly materials and finishes and is suitable for dogs of various different sizes. The soft mattress adds a dash of colors to the otherwise very simple and neutral design, giving this dog house character.

Of course, just because your dog has their own special little bed to sleep in doesn’t mean they can’t also sit next to you on the couch or relax on your bed every once in a while. To make easier for them to climb up and get down and to deduce the strain on their joints, you can introduce them to a dog ramp. This is one is simple and adjustable and it folds flat so you can store it or take it with you when you’re traveling with your pet. Check it out on etsy.

Furniture for cats

Cats are quite private and like to sleep a lot and they don’t enjoy being exposed while doing so. That’s why they prefer cozy furniture like this lovely CCC 01 sofa which comes in a variety of different colors and two different sizes. Dogs can enjoy it as well provided they fit inside. The design, as you can see, is modern and stylish and can easily fit in your living room without looking out of place.


It’s also no secret that cats love to sit in boxes and often choose them over the actual product that’s inside the box. This quirky bed is made of corrugated cardboard and paper and is inspired by that very fact. You might actually be able to trick your cat to use this bed that’s disguised as a cardboard box and perhaps later transition to something else. Another advantage is that you can easily recycle this bed when it gets old and your cat is done with it. Check out this product on etsy.

This cozy little shelter is also made of cardboard and looks like a cute nest. It’s made of several layers of heavy-duty cardboard which allows it to also be used as a big scratch board. It’s lightweight, recyclable and fun for the cats to use and play with, plus it looks nice and quirky and you can easily fit it into your home without disturbing the decor.

This right here is a miniature house designed specifically for cats. It gives them their own little shelter, a place to sleep and hide and it’s all disguised as a beautiful little house with a scratch post as a chimney. The Terrace cat cave is made of natural walnut wood veneer and has four wheels which allow you to easily move it around when you’re cleaning or reorganizing your home.

If you don’t really have a lot of space for special cat furniture, a good idea is to get a multifunctional piece that both you and your pet can make use of. This is a side table with a cozy little bed inside for your cat to snuggle up in and take a nap while you’re watching a movie or doing things around the house. It has a corner entrance which you can position in any way you want. This can also work for small dogs. Check it out on etsy.

This stylish cat bed has a really cool design, featuring a geometric shell made of lots of wooden triangles connected together. Inside there’s space for a comfy cushion or mattress or for your cat’s favorite bed. The cool thing about this is that doesn’t look like typical pet furniture but more like a modern abstract sculpture. Check out etsy for more details about it.

The Lord Paw cat bed is also a very stylish and modern piece of pet furniture. It’s handcrafted with a sphere metal wire shell available in different finishes and a circular entrance for the cat to queeze trough. Inside there’s a super soft and comfy cushion which also comes in different colors based on the model.

If you have the space, why not give your cat more than just a little bed to sleep in? You can give them an entire flat with toys, ramps and cozy spots to hide in and it doesn’t have to look out of place in your living room because it can be disguised as a stylish cabinet. The Cat Flat is designed to offer your cat everything they need in order to be happy, making it their own little apartment inside your living room.

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Cats need surfaces that they can scratch in order to keep their claws nice and healthy and quite often they choose to use the furniture for that. Rather than getting mad at them each time they do so, it would be better for cats and owners alike to find a way to make everyone happy. The Vonk stool makes it possible. It’s a stool that you can sit on but it’s also a scratching post for your cat.

The collection of cat beds and cocoons designed by Meyou Paris is loved by cats all over the world and by their owners too. It blends comfort and beautiful modern aesthetics, turning the basic cat bed into a beautiful accent piece for any home interior. There are many different ways to make these look gorgeous in your home and lots of different colors to choose from.

Pet furniture brand Labbvenn offers two beautiful pieces that you can add to your home to make it better suited for a cat owner. One is the Kikko table which is a sleek accent piece with a built-in hammock for your cat and the other is the Lulu bed which is a beautiful lounge sofa for your sophisticated pet to relax in throughout the day. They both have simple, Scandinavian-inspired designs.

Cat trees are not usually something you’d want in your living room, your bedroom or any other space, given how most of them are bulky and less than aesthetically pleasing. There are however more high-end versions and designs that have been carefully put together in a way that makes them fun for the cats and nice to look at for the owners. One example is the Three Poles Cat Tower by Jiyoun Kim Studio.

The Hoop designed by Meyou is also a rather different kind of cat tree. It has a minimalist design and it’s suited for both indoor and outdoor use. It has several metal platforms for the cats to sit on and they’re arranged on three different levels. The platforms have thin cushions on top made of cord and held in place with velcro, providing a soft and grippy surface and preventing slipping.

This is Neko, a modern cat tree designed by Yoh Komiyama. It has a sturdy and heavy marble base which keeps it stable and the rest is made of wood and wooden dowels. The overall design makes this cat tree really stylish and similar to a modern sculpture or a piece that wouldn’t look out of place in a contemporary interior. The wooden dowels form a protective shell around the entire tree, creating a cozy shelter for the cats while also allowing them to see outside.

The Nest is a beautiful and modern pet bed inspired by the cats’ love for boxes. It’s a very simple box-like piece which you can disguise as a stylish side table or potentially as a nightstand. It’s made of plywood and has a circular entrance and a soft faux fur pillow that makes it irresistible. Cats love it and their owners do too, a match made in heaven.

The collection of comfy cat furniture designed by BureBurePets is made from 100% natural wool and keep your beloved pet cool when it’s hot outside and nice and cozy when it’s cold. The series includes chunky knit designs including a basket with handles, a mat with back support and comfy cat beds that you can casually place in spots that your pet loves to sit on.

This octagon-shaped cat bed is trendy, stylish and versatile too. You can simply place it on the floor like any regular cat bed or you can have it wall-mounted and add a series of small shelves or platforms that your cat can climb on to reach the bed, making it more fun and interactive. Either, this is a really cute and also elegant piece of furniture. Check it out on etsy.

The Mau cat tower is an eclectic piece which attempts to make both cats and owners happy by incorporating soft and comfy cushions, hiding spots and elegant lines that give it an articulate and sculptural appearance. Yes, everyone will immediately know that this is a cat tower but that doesn’t mean it won’t look nice or you can’t keep it in your living room for your little pet friend to enjoy.

The Phantom Cat is a quirky little piece of furniture for your pet. It’s made of think kraft paper layered with corrugated paper and it’s very strong and able to withstand scratching which makes it fun for your cat and convenient for you. It has a cute design with space inside for a comfy pillow and it’s completely recyclable and easy to pack in case you want to transport it somewhere.




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