Modern nature-inspired furniture by Janina Loeve

Nature has always been a great source of inspiration for basically everything. Furniture has a lot to thank nature, not only because of the natural materials but also because of the great designs it has inspired. And when I say that I also refer to modern creations, such as this intriguing furniture collection designed by Janina Loeve.

This collection was created as an attempt to bring landscape qualities into the interior. Netherlands-based designer Janina Loeve has managed to create an original and intriguing collection by using wood and very few details. It’s an example of minimalist creations that, despite their simplicity, manage to wow us every time.

This is actually a wooden furniture set consisting of a stool and a table. It’s called Tettonica and it’s made of plywood Okoume. Both the table and the chair feature nature-inspired designed and they share similar shapes and details. They present a series of layer or rings that pile up together forming shapes that resemble a canyon or a mountain, maybe even a tree or anything else that comes in your mind. Both pieces are hollow and the table has a transparent glass top that allows you to see inside. The stool comes with a removable cushion. This means that you can use the space inside for storage. You can also place small decorations inside the table that can be seen from above.

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