Modern Music Furniture by Paolo Cappello

When we try to imagine or home’s interior we think of furniture, tables and chairs, beds, couches, curtains, carpets, anything in the fines detail possible.Then we proceede at purchasing  it and placing every object as we imagined.After we complete everything and setted all up, there comes the entertainment systems that allmost every time  it contains a speaker or several among other equipement and cables.Ruining the entire design is,in an overwhelming proportion certain.

Verona –born industrial designer Paolo Cappello has developed the  so-called “torontela” and “caixa”  integraded speaker-furniture systems for the Italian company Miniforms to help up get rid of this problem of integrading multimedia and furniture.The collection  consists of two models.The smaller of the two desks called “Torontela” measures only 50 cm wide and it is designed  to be the perfect work surface  for laptops or ipads in small crowded urban interiors.

This timber frame  station is design to be compatible with any audio source or device that has an output jack.The other one, visible larger than the first one  is called “caixa” and is a truly entertainment  unit.The side cabinets  integrate an ipod dock and a high- definition amplifier allowing the connection with televisions, dvd players, mp3 readers and way more other electronic gadgets can be plugged into.Beside all these features is has built-in bluetooth reciver allowing you connections with wireless systems.These multimedia stations are availiale in both 195 cm and 250 cm lenghts.

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