Modern MILK Table Desk

This is the MILK table desk. It has an unusual name but this only makes it more interesting. The MILK Classic is a white desk available online exclusively from YLiving. It was designed by Søren Rose and it’s both functional and stylish. The desk is made of aluminum and it comes only in white. It’s manufactured by MILK, thus the name of the desk.

MILK Classic is a grade A desk and it features a smart design that includes practical workspaces that adjust to your needs. Also, it includes four storage compartments, very practical for storing office or work supplies, documents or anything else you might need. Moreover, the MILK Classic desk also features integrated notebook storage and cable outlets that let you organize your space more easily.

The item is available either with a white base or an aluminum base. The Adjustable model allow you to adjust the height with only one touch thanks to the electronic system. Also, an optional cable management tray is available and it comes in two sizes. This will help you organize all those cables and keep them safe in there. The desk is also customizable in other ways. For example, the compartment lids are available in aluminum or acrylic and they can be white, black or purple. There’s also a toolbox that will keep your pens, pencils and scissors organized and a waste paper bin. You can buy the desk for $3,000.

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