Modern Makeup Tables With Simple Yet Exquisite Designs

A makeup vanity, sometimes referred to as a dressing table, is a piece of furniture that has a feminine and delicate allure and is usually found in bedrooms. It sits quietly in a corner or by the bed and it’s always accompanied by a mirror. It usually has drawers and a surface on which to store and display things. It’s basically a sort of desk with mirrors and its design as much practical as it is beautiful.

You can get the Opalina makeup table in three different version: with an extra clear, azure opaline or frosted glass structure. It’s slender and simple and it comes with a storage drawer and a circular mirror. It can hold a load of up to 40 kg and you can pair it with a matching stool or a chic accent chair.

The Maskara dressing table from Porada is small and that allows it to fit even in a tiny bedroom. You can place it in a corner or by the bed where it can double as a nightstand. It has a marble top and a mirror and a small storage box. There are two color options for the top and four for the frame.

Designs such as this one show just how similar a makeup table is to a desk. This is the Afrodite table. Its frame is made of solid canaletta walnut and includes a side unit with three drawers. The top is available in wood, cuoietto, marble or glass and the mirror is optional which allows this piece to serve a double purpose.

Toner Architects created an elegant dressing table called Kara. It has a sinuous form and it gently wraps around the user, featuring storage compartments on either side. An array of mirrors of different shapes and sizes is displayed on the marble top. The design is inspired by traditional dressing tables.

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In 2016 the Ren dressing table made its debut. It has a design that’s slender and elegant, with a structure made of canaletto walnut accompanied by a series of accessories which include a circular mirror and a set of storage compartments attached to the frame. The brass details add a sophisticated touch to the design without overwhelming it.

Part makeup table and part writing desk, this piece can serve as both thanks to its versatile design. It’s called Venere and was designed by Carlo Colombo in 2013. It has a wooden structure covered with painted glass. A rotating double face mirror is attached to the top and three lacquered drawers offer enough storage for everything.

Ideal for small spaces, the Moved Console has an unusual, asymmetrical design. It only has two legs at the front while the back is designed to be mounted flush with the wall and yet it still has a third leg. This means that the console will have to be fixed so choose its location carefully.

This slender makeup table is called Juliette. Its design is simple and feminine, offering a generous top that lifts up to reveal a hidden storage area and a mirror. There’s also a drawer for extra storage. The top and drawer are made of walnut MDF.

Chapeau is another versatile piece of furniture which can either be used as a desk or as a makeup table. Either way, it’s stylish and practical thanks to its two storage drawers and the central storage compartment at the center. The middle top piece folds up to also reveal a mirror attached to its underside.

Most makeup tables have hidden compartments which are great because they offer extra storage and they maintain a simple and thus stylish look. My Beauty is a great example. This is a console with a central fold-up flap and a mirror inside. It opens a storage compartments designed to hold small items like jewelry or makeup products.

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We love the simplicity of this design. This is Lei, a multifunctional piece of furniture which can be used as a desk or as a dressing table and in both cases it’s very practical and equally stylish. It has three storage drawers one of which is removable. There’s also a fold up top section which has a mirror mounted on its underside.

Here’s yet another makeup table that’s actually multifunctional. You can use Vel as a console table for the hallway or as a dressing table for the bedroom but it can also serve as an elegant and space-efficient desk for the office.

What we love the most about the Venus dressing table is the fluid form and the delicate silhouette. The slightly rounded edges and side panels give it a sophisticated and feminine look which suits it really well given its main function.

Most contemporary furniture pieces focus on simplicity so it’s nice to see a design that also has a bohemian and romantic side. We’re talking about Tolda which is a very chic makeup table with an adjustable mirror and a playful allure.

Grace is a makeup table designed by Carlo Colombo in 2014. It’s not meant to be multifunctional and instead it focuses on being graceful and stylish. Its shape is asymmetrical and the mirror plays a key role in the design of this piece. A single drawer on the right side ensures sufficient storage.

This is Iko, a console table designed by Rodolfo Dordoni. It’s versatile and simple enough to be used as a desk and in its role as makeup table is look exquisite when paired with this sculptural wall mirror.



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