Modern Makeup Table Designs Worthy Of Attention

The dressing table (or makeup table as we know it today) was originally a symbol of status and craftsmanship. Although it evolved quite a bit over the centuries, the main concept behind this unique piece of furniture has remained pretty much the same. The modern makeup table is still a sophisticated piece of furniture although not in the sense it used to be and continues to be associated with feminine beauty and the idea of pampering. In addition, a lot of modern makeup tables today feature retro designs with ornate and intricate details inspired by the original dressing tables. There are, of course, variations.

The ST08 dressing table designed by Peter Lippert retains the elegance of classic furniture design and brings into equation the minimalism associated with modern pieces. Its design blends aesthetic and function in a very chic manner. The curved lines give it a feminine allure. The top can be lifted to reveal ample storage space for makeup products, perfumes and other necessities as well as a built-in illuminated mirror.

The design of the Kara makeup table by Toner Architects is reminiscent of traditional dressing tables but at the same time has an obviously modern allure. Its top is made of marble while the body is a combination of ebony wood and bronze finishes. The table is accessorized with seven mirrors with sleek frames that light up. The design is sophisticated, elegant and well-balanced.

Makeup tables are feminine by nature and their design reflect that fact in all sorts of stylish and elegant ways. The Venere table designed by Carlo Colombo, for example, is very sleek, delicate but also quite practical and simple. It has a hint of vintage charm but is modern in a lot of ways. It’s available in two sizes, both featuring a double-faced mirror measuring 50 cm in diameter.

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When we said that makeup tables are feminine and stylish each in their own way we meant it and to prove it we present to you the Fly Vanity designed by Giuliano and Gabriele Cappelletti. It’s not like any of the other makeup tables we showed you so far but it has its own charm. In a sense, this is more a storage unit than it is a table of any kind. It does, however, incorporate shelves and drawers designed to store cosmetics as well as a mirror and an LED lighting system which is activated automatically via sensors.

In case you’d like to have a makeup table but without putting it on display in an obvious manner there are quite a few options, one of which is the Flou trunk desk which is made of wood and covered in leather. Inside it has a mirror, a makeup table and plenty of storage around it and on the inside of the two doors. It’s a great way to keep the makeup table and all your accessories and necessities contained into a single unit that has it all.

It’s simple, refined and elegant and its design is the perfect blend of classic and contemporary. The Dama makeup table is made of canaletto walnut with glossy and matt lacquered finishes and marble accents.  The wooden top section featured a built-in mirror. This is an exquisite dressing table in every sense, looks and functionality included.

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Some makeup tables can function equally well as secretary desks. A nice example is the Scribe designed by Giuseppe Bavuso. Sure, you don’t really need a mirror when you’re sitting at your desk but that’s not really an impediment and since you basically have two pieces of furniture into one I’d say this is a very practical option, especially for small rooms.

The Bellagio Hone makeup table is part of a collection with the same name. It’s designed by Enrico and Anna Cattaneo and it looks elegant, feminine and casual in a very refined sense. We like the geometry of its design, the exquisite finishes, the coloring and the attention to detail reflected into the design. Pair it with a matching pouf and it will look amazing.  Put this in the bedroom or the dressing room if you have one. It will look glamorous but not in an opulent way.

Check out the sleek silhouette on the Cartesio Scura makeup table. The design is simple and modern with an accent on curves but also on clean, straight lines. The table is made of wood and comes equipped with a mirror and storage space for basic necessities and products. When you’re not using it as a makeup table it could function as a regular console or even as a desk. The versatile, multi-functional design is another detail supporting the contemporary nature of this piece of furniture.



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