Modern Living Table by Lisa Tischer

The Living Table is a piece of furniture designed by Sweden-based Lisa Tischer. As its name suggests, this is not an ordinary piece of furniture. The table was designed as a multifunctional unit that would instantly become a central piece for the home. It’s a stand-alone unit that becomes the perfect piece for a variety of activities.

The table can be used as a dining table but also as a desk, a work area and a platform for socialization. It does that not just by being big and beautiful. The table is also a modern piece of furniture that understands our lifestyle and tries to make our lives easier by being useful is a variety of different situations. It has a simple, comfortable and very functional design. Also, it has many ingenious details integrates in its design that make it unique and particularly practical.

The Living table includes features such as a light that can be either used as a work light or to create a romantic and pleasant atmosphere at the dinner table. It also has integrated electrical outlets that let you work with your laptop, phone or sewing machine without being dependent on the placement of outlets in your home. In addition, the table features a series of drawers that are perfect for storing office supplies or any other type of supplies and equipment. The table is made of solid birch with copper details and has a simple, versatile and particularly functional design.

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