Modern leather coffee table with glass top and wooden legs

I don’t know about you but I know I haven’t seen a lot of leather coffee table, so this is something new for me. Glass coffee tables are quite casual and wooden tables are even more common. However, leather is not a material that anyone would imagine as being a part of a coffee table. Leather is usually reserved for sofas or chairs.

However, this unusual coffee table is a great example of how different materials can very well work together. Actually, this is a piece that has a durable hardwood structure, a glass top and leather covering. In theory it doesn’t seem like a good idea to put all these materials together but the result is actually very beautiful. It’s a very elegant coffee table, not as sophisticated as other designs, but very appropriate for a modern or contemporary home, even for a more traditional one if the decor allows it. This particular coffee table only comes in black.

The dimensions of this unusual piece of furniture are 56’’ x 42’’ x 13’’, so it’s a medium-sized coffee table.It has a modern and very simple look but it still manages to become a focal point of attention by its elegance and its stylish design. The coffee table is available for $270. It would look very good in a simple living room among other similar pieces like a leather sofa for example. Considering its leather covering, it would be better to match with other leather pieces so that you don’t create a harsh contrast.

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