Modern Furniture That Gives You A Sense Of Privacy

As much as one can enjoy the company of others, sometimes we all need our privacy, whether it’s in the office or at home. It’s not always easy getting that but furniture and accessories like these ones it all comes natural. They were all designed with the privacy issue in mind and they’re something you should consider adding to your own collection.


It’s not easy to concentrate on a task when there are so many distractions everywhere around you. So how can you solve this problem? The answer is simple: with the Duplex Workspace designed by Sophie Kirkpatrick. It’s a small desk made of ash wood and it has a folding top which lets you retreat in your shell and take care of business.

This is another great desk design, perfect for those who enjoy their privacy while working. It has an interesting shape with a built-in shelf on which to display your favorite items and enclosed on the sides. It has a natural wood finish and a black base.{found on site}.

If you want, you can transform an already existing desk with a divider. This is Deskshell, designed by studio Kawamura Ganjvian and it’s perfect for open work spaces. It’s like a shell which disconnects you from everything around you and allows you to concentrate on what’s in front of you.

Reinventing the desk is not an easy task yet here’s a very interesting alternative to the classical design. The Koloro desk and stools form an interesting combination. You can customize your workspace according to your own needs and color preferences and you also get to enjoy an intimate and private setting.

Lacking a private work station in your home? Then this one designed by Campeggi would be just perfect. It’s small and intimate and has a very chic and attractive design. It allows you to retreat here with your book or laptop and focus on your work while also being comfortable. The design is great because it doesn’t really look like a desk or a workstation.

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The Cellulose Meeting Pods are a little bit more complex and something you might enjoy having in a big company or office. They were created by Paul Coudamy and they’re basically compact meeting pods designed for individual use or for small groups. They’re made of honeycomb fireproof cardboard which is surprisingly resistant and lasts for many years.

Sofas and chairs.

Social interaction can occur in many different types of environments and situations and it’s not always necessary to have a big open décor for it to work. Sometimes a little bit of privacy is welcome and you can have it with the Aura chair L and the Aura sofa by Inno. They feature designs with a high back and they fit beautifully together.

The Private Rocker is an excellent piece for those that wish to relax and get some privacy at the same time. It was designed by Kyle Fleet and it’s something you can expect to see in an office, in a living room but also in other spaces.

Depending on the situation, sometimes you need more privacy when talking with someone on a sofa, sometimes just a little bit and sometimes none at all. The Arnhem Sofa has a modular design which allows you shift between these three levels of privacy in no time. It was designed by Sebastian Herkner and there’s also a chair that matches its design.

Pod is a very interesting chair designed by Benjamin Hubert. It has a steam-bent ash frame and the seat is made from felt (made of recycled plastic bottles) and pressed in. It comes with two comfy cushions made of foam and fabric covers in contrasting colors.

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Created by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, the Alcove collection includes sofas and armchairs with uncommonly tall backs and shells. They are incredibly comfortable and were designed like that in order to offer intimacy ad privacy to the users.

The Gi Booth by Jacob Gomez is a very unusual and creative piece of furniture. It’s an armchair with an unusual shape which offers the user privacy in a crowded room without actually creating solid barriers. It’s just an illusion actually because you’re still open and connected to everything and everyone else around you yet you don’t see them.

Sometimes when you’re really tired or simply wash to crawl up in a cozy nook and relax or be by yourself, I bet you wish you had a pod like this one. It’s called Hush and it was designed by Freyia Sewell. It offers you privacy and coziness and lets you hide in this stylish shell whenever you feel the need. The rest of the time, you can transform the pod into a comfy seat.

Private phone spaces.

Sometimes you need to make a private call and you don’t want everyone in the office to stare at you. With Call that won’t happen. It’s a small personal space developed specifically for this kind of situations.

The BuzziHood is a similar creation designed by Alain Gilles. It’s pretty much like one of those old payphones but you actually use your cell phone with this one. A great addition to an office or a public space.



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