Modern Designs Revolving Around Japanese Dining Tables

These days a lot of homes in Japan use Western-style chairs and table although traditional Japanese dining tables are still very popular. These low tables also become popular in other parts of the world and many designers incorporate them in their projects. If you think a Japanese low table could suit your home, have a look at a few design options.

There are no chairs around these tables because they’re very low. So place the table onto a fluffy, soft-textured area rug to increase comfort. You can also add a few floor cushions. These ones are shaped like biscuits and they’re really cute.

It’s not compulsory for a Japanese dining table to be low. It can be integrated into a nook with low benches surrounding it. It’s a table setup seen in Japanese guest houses.{found on daedalwoodworking}.

This Asian dining room has a very interesting design. It has a pop-up dining table that disappears into the floor when not in use. Comfy floor cushions are spread around it and the whole décor is very casual and flexible.{found on johnlumarchitecture}.

This rectangular table is designed using the same principle. It stays hidden into the floor most of the time and this allows the room to serve as a flexible, multi-purpose space. It’s both a living and a dining area.{found on markbrandarchitecture}.

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This is a really interesting shape for a dining table. It’s designed to be comfortable to use by everyone around it. It’s a low table so instead of chairs there are comfy floor cushions around it.{found on site}.

Nowadays a lot of Japanese homes adopt the western design in their kitchens and dining rooms. Here there’s a mix of influences. You have the low table to the right with floor cushions and the island/bar at the center.{found on dwell}.

This type of dining tables that are actually sunken into the floor and can be tucked away when not in use is really practical and actually very popular too. It allows an apparently empty room to be used for a number of activities, not just as a dining space.

Minimalistic, casual and versatile, this table setup is really interesting and suitable for modern homes. The table rests on the stairs and has empty space underneath for resting one’s feet or storing the floor cushions.

The chairs, if they can even be called like that, around this table are really interesting. They’re a combination between a floor cushions and a regular chair but without feet and with a low backrest.{found on dwell}.

This type of low dining tables can also be used outdoors. This looks like a really inviting and pleasant outdoor dining setup, with matching table and seats and comfy white cushions.

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You can also have recessed dining tables outdoors and only have them pop up when needed, the rest of the time being able to use the area for other activities. There’s no need to find room for storage this way.

Japanese low tables are excellent if you’re trying to create a relaxing, zen ambiance for the dining area, whether it’s inside or outside the house. A green wall makes things even better in this particular case.{found on rojkindarquitectos}.



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