Modern Design in Specs Flax Chair

Chairs used to have four legs and a frame that supported the seat and the back rest. But now, modern chairs have a rather different design and they look interesting to say the least. For example this Specs Flax Chair shows no legs, but a metal framework instead , having only two points of contact where it supports the seat and the back rest. These two parts are actually linked to each other and the frame supports them as one entity. The simple design of the chair can fool you, but the piece of furniture is an exquisite article and it shows elegance and style.

The framework of the chair is strong enough as it is made of graphite powdercoated steel and it has a webbing suspension that supports the seating. The body of the chair is made of flax, which is a poly fabric. The chair has an eco-friendly construction, being made of kiln-dried hardwood for both the seat and the back rest. The seat cushion is filled with  multilayer soy- or plant-based polyfoam that is covered with a nice salt and pepper fabric. The chair is perfect for any modern living room and you can order it online now from CB2 for just $599.

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