Modern Coffee Tables That Bring Out The Best In Any Living Room Decor

Sure, it’s easy to just enter a furniture store and pick a generic coffee table for your living room but then you’d miss out on all the cool coffee tables out there and all the other great designs that would possibly complement your decor much better. It’s best to be informed before making a purchase and for that you’ll need to do some research. We have some suggestions you should check out. The designs vary from extremely simple to complex, from quirky and playful to minimalist and industrial, from cheap tables to luxurious and sophisticated ones.

As the name suggests, the Borghese coffee table has a design inspired by the Villa Borghese gardens in Rome, more exactly the stone pines that grow here. Just like the canopy of a tree grows in time, so can your coffee table collection. Mix and match the various little tables to create a complex composition that suits your needs and offers you functionality and versatility. Each table features a metal frame designed to resemble tree branches. The frame supports three individual wooden tops.

This is Zorro, a coffee table duo that’s more complex and intriguing than you first realize. Initially, it looks like just another coffee table that has a round marble top. Look again and you’ll notice that there’s a second table underneath, like a shadow of the first one. The two coffee tables mirror each other and together they form a dynamic and stylish duo.

Meet the Wire Group, a set of modern coffee tables available with solid black walnut, white oak, marble or granite tops and powder-coated steel, copper or brass frames. The series offers them in three different sizes. The finish on the frame different according to your choice of color. Because of the combination of materials, the tables look slightly industrial yet that doesn’t mean you can’t successfully and beautifully integrate them in a modern setting.

Bouillotte is a card game from 18th century France similar to poker (and the table on which it was played). It’s also the name of this stylish coffee table. The design was adapted and transformed in order to suit modern interiors. The table has a round carrara marble top with a metal trim and a wooden frame with chic tapered legs.

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Featuring a simple and elegant design, the Rodan table has a pedestal base made of solid wood and a round top with a lip that prevents items from rolling over and falling. The design is both simple and practical. You can find it in white oiled oak, natural black American walnut or black stained ash. Just imagine how stylish a black coffee table with this design would look like.

Put two of these stylish Paralog coffee tables side by side and you get a perfect duo for a cozy L-shaped seating area. The table has a ceramic top with a slit down the center and a base made of raw steel with an oil finish. It’s a low table with a generous top which can inspire you to look for original ways to decorate your coffee table. Consider terrariums, planters, vases or even sculptures and decorative bowls.

If you enjoy playing with different materials, finishes and textures when decorating your space, then you’ll probably find the Juniper coffee table to be particularly interesting and attractive. The table has a rather odd and unusual design, being made of several different pieces that fit together like pieces of a puzzle. The table puts together wood veneer, metal and synthetic leather.

In the case of the Cerne coffee tables, the focus is on the uniqueness of each wooden top. Each top has a unique form and character resulted from the a particular tree. The design showcases the beautiful rings and the layers of each wood slice. The solid top sits on a sleek and discreet stand and the edge of each top is highlighted by a brass border.

The Alburni coffee tables also puts an emphasis on the uniqueness of wood slice tops and their uniqueness. Each table in the series has a slightly irregular top made of veneered oak wood, supported by a slim black lacquered steel base. Use the small ones as side tables and the larger versions as coffee tables.

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The quirky thing about the Dhow coffee table is the pattern of brass inlay lines that give it a contemporary and eye-catching look. The inspiration for the design comes from the traditional Dhow sailing boats which had large triangular sails sewn together in strips. The whole design is quite mesmerizing and this allows the table to potentially serve as a focal point in a modern or a contemporary living room.

Echo is a set of three modern coffee tables with round tops, one of which is made of clear glass. They complement each other, featuring different heights and sleek metal frames. Two of the tables have tops made of marble and glass shelves that mirrors these tops. The version with a glass top has a marble shelf. It’s a beautiful play of materials, colors and finishes.

Here’s another lovely trio of coffee tables. It’s called Triku and it’s a set of three little tables made of solid oak, with tripod bases and round tops. They come in three different sizes and they can be used as standalone side tables or small coffee tables or in groups of two or three, depending on the layout and the size of the space to be furnished. The tables are designed by Samuel Accoceberry.

Coffee table 4798 has a pretty iconic design. Perhaps you recognise the geometric top divided in three sections, each with an irregular shape. The table has a matt black metal frame that subtly complements its eye-catching, graphical top. Speaking of which, the top is available in five different ceramic options, including carrara marble. The design is simple and yet sophisticated and with a hint of understated luxury.



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