Modern Coat Racks That Know How To Catch Your Eye

A coat rack is one of those things you have to have in your home and usually there are a few consecrated designs and styles that everyone chooses from. But not everyone likes to follow the general trend so instead of choosing something generic like one of those coat racks that you put on the walls, with hooks evenly spaced-out, you have the option to be special and to transform a must-have into a focal point.

This is the Flamingo, a freestanding coat rack made of solid canaletta walnut. It’s a product designed by G. Carollo with a look that’s graceful but also quite solid and sturdy. This sculptural rack can look beautiful on your entryway lobby but also in one of the corners of the living room or even in the bedroom if need be.

The Jackson coat and hat stand is a tribute to the king of pop’s iconic style. This is an accessory with a strong visual presence and a design that combines looks and function in a very pleasant and natural way. There are six spikes designed to hold coats and hats, evenly spaced and of two different lengths. The rack is made of solid American black walnut or white oak with a wax oil finish.

It’s called simply Hanger and it’s a pretty interesting accessory, the kind that’s practical and has a design that also stands out either through its form, size or style. The design puts together a solid marble base, a copper frame and leather straps. It’s not a common combination of materials but it’s one you can expect to see on a modern coat rack.

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You wouldn’t expect to be surprised by something as simple and common as a coat rack but this design proves you wrong. This is Bloom, a piece designed by Jeff Miller. The interesting thing about this rack is the fact that it interacts with the user and changes form. BAsically each arm opens when you put something on it and then closes when the weight is removed.

Those coat racks that can be packed and stores when not in use offer a neat feature: the option to save space. That’s also something that the Sciangai clothes stand offers. This is a folding rack with a simple design initially created in 1973. It comes in a variety of different colors, both in beech and oak wood.

Modularity defines a lot of modern creations and it’s what we generally look for in furniture these days. The coat rack doesn’t necessarily fall into this category although its design could be modular, as proven by the Waltz coat hanger by GamFratesi. The design of this piece is inspired by the dance with the same name. featuring three curved modules.

Originality is a characteristic that often inspires us to choose a product over another. It’s also what sometimes drives us to try a DIY coat rack project that perfectly suits our needs and style. Designer Raul Barbieri inspires us with the Rexite Pop hanger, a freestanding piece which features a tray at the bottom and an umbrella stand with hooks for pocket umbrellas. The frame is made of steel and the form is smooth and sculptural.

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A very appreciated characteristic of modern coat racks is simplicity. It’s a design strategy that puts an emphasis on form, material, color or finish. The LC 70 coat hanger is a pretty good example in this sense. Its design allows it to be versatile and suitable for a variety of different settings, decors and styles. The hanger is made of steel and available with a matt gray or white finish.

The Turner is a wall-mounted coat rack with a lot of style. It lets you hang clothes on wooden knobs while the metal frame gives it a graphical and eye-catching look. You can place it on the wall in different positions or create all sorts of interesting combinations using several modules.

The Hang It All rack designed by Charles & Ray Eames is a playful and fun alternative to standard coat hanger. Its quirky design and the fact that it comes in a variety of colors, with a version that features different colored wooden balls in a funky combination makes this item versatile and loved by both kids and adults.

It’s called Frame and it’s more than a simple coat rack. Designed by Carlo Colombo, this exquisite piece is a valet stand that comes in two versions, one of which has a large built-in mirror and an extra shelf while the other is taller and features metal hanging hooks, a small, round mirror and a shelf at the bottom.



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