Modern Bench Designs That Impress In Unexpected Ways

Benches are peculiar furniture pieces. They don’t strike us as modern and they don’t exactly have a unique, defined function. They’re more of a multifunctional and versatile piece with a casual look which you can take advantage of in certain situations. They fit nicely in malls and other public spaces and they can be an equally good match for private homes. The modern bench is a reinterpretation of the modest planks used in a time when chairs were reserve for only the important people. After this period came a time when banquette seating was almost entirely replaced by chairs which became the primary form of seating. Yet benches didn’t disappear entirely and today we’ll reveal some of the modern and updated designs that keep it alive.

Benches continue to be useful and practical in dining areas, particularly in those homes where the whole family dines together on a regular basis. Such a situation requires a somewhat permanent dining table configuration and chairs would just get in the way of a clean and simple decor. A modern bench could be a great fit for such a space. You can pair it with a simple and practical table like Stretch.

Benches such as the Brunel are best suited for social settings like the living room or a lounge space. This particular bench is highly versatile and can be used as a standalone piece or in combination with others. They can be linked together like pieces of a chain. Its design is simple and innovative, a perfect blend of great looks and good functionality. You can find it in a variety of cold colors.

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These modern benches by Sagal Group are simple and versatile enough to be used in just about any type of environment. Some models are best-suited for receptions or waiting rooms while others can fit nicely in meeting areas and even in a home’s lounge space or dining area. We can picture these benches in a ton of beautiful decors, both indoor and outdoor.

The Yew Log is a bench that reinvents rustic furniture and gives it a sophisticated allure. As you can see, this bench is a big, sculptured log with a design that emphasizes the natural form of the trunk, its curves and imperfections and turns them into unique characteristics of an astonishingly beautiful piece of furniture. The log is supported by bronze/ blackened bronze legs.

Like a lot of other contemporary furniture pieces, the Aero Bench series puts the spotlight on simplicity and on the beauty and uniqueness of the materials involved. These benches have a lightweight but at the same time strong and imposing look, playing with the contrasts between the carbon fibre elements and the wood and leather accents as well as the curves that shape them.

This is Dawn, a bedroom bench with a lot of charm. We’re cataloging it as a bedroom bench because of how cozy and comfortable it looks and because of its form which makes it a perfect addition to this particular room. It can sit at the foot of the bed or in front of a window and it would look exquisite, with its bronze legs and cotton velvet upholstery, not to mention that that little touch of fur gives it plenty of character.

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Versatility is a defining characteristic of a lot of modern furniture pieces and Olympic ottoman is no exception. We’re calling it an ottoman even though it can also be considered a bench or a stool. Its design and proportions allow it to be successfully integrated into a variety of different spaces and decors. Picture it in a bedroom or in a casual lounge area, paired with a lounge chair or with a sofa and some armchairs.

Speaking of versatile and multifunctional furniture pieces, check out this intriguing block. It’s called Twig and it’s a bench or a console table, depending on how you want to use it. As you can see, it’s made from a bunch of twigs and that alone is enough to allow it to stand out in any type of environment.

The Kyro bench is in fact a trio of seating modules. They can each be used individually but they can also be grouped together in which case a sinuous and elegant bench takes shape. The design is very versatile and can even be considered timeless, despite the traditional influences. Each module comes in a wide variety of fabric colors and patterns.

This bench would go nicely with the Plot 90 coffee table with which it shares in common a number of design features. The element that makes it stand out from other modern benches is the concrete seat which has a patchwork design. Four different-colored pieces are stitched together giving the bench a very quirky look. It’s all achieved with paint.



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