Modern Approaches To Dining Room Sideboards

Traditional sideboards evoke an Old World charm that can put you in mind of elegant country estates. However, modern dining rooms will also benefit from the addition of some storage furniture that is suited to the function of the room. Sideboards are great for stowing away your dinner service and cutlery, of course, but they are also useful for your other essential items. Table cloths, serving bowls, napkins and glassware all need a home. The ideal place to store these things is in a sideboard. But don’t make your modern room appear old fashioned by opting for a traditional sideboard. There are plenty of contemporary designs that update the classic look.

Even more traditional looking sideboards can be given an up-to-date makeover to feel more at home next to your dining table and chairs. Even if they don’t match, a sideboard and dining table should be able to work together with a little thought given to their coordination.


Fusty old sideboards have not had their day. If your dining room has been updated and you are thinking of throwing your old one out, then pause for thought. A new coat of paint in a primary color will make even well worn sideboard new again. Go for a single tone in bright orange or lemon yellow. Keep the paint application even and cover the unit entirely, without picking out any details in another color. Remember to remove the knobs and refit them, or even change them for new ones, afterwards.

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Stylish Storage.


Sideboards should not be the dominant item of furniture in a modern looking dining room. Reserve that for your dining table and chairs. Nevertheless sideboards need not be wall flowers. Simple and elegant lines that flow from one side to the other give the most on-trend looks. Even if you don’t have a suitable wall to push your sideboard against you can get the stylish look. Open plan dining spaces still look good with a buffet style sideboard, if it properly backed. Indeed, they make great dividers, breaking up the kitchen space from the dining zone.

The Vintage Look In Modern Settings.

Antique sideboards have a place within modern dining rooms so long as your tastes can cope with a more eclectic approach. To get a distressed, vintage look which will work alongside more contemporary furniture strip the unit down to the bare wood. Apply a new coat of paint with a sponge or a rag to get an uneven look. Pastel shades and off whites are ideal choices for the shabby chic sideboard look.


Sideboards are not just about storage. They make a great platform to explore other design ideas. A well placed sideboard will usually occupy the longest wall in your dining room. If you choose a smaller wall, then the sideboard often has to be squeezed passed. Make the most of the wall space above the sideboard for artwork as the sideboard creates a visual frame. Artwork can be wall hung geometrically above the sideboard or mounted on top of it. The two looks afford similar results. Don’t forget to finish of an arty sideboard look with a center piece sculpture on top, or even an arrangement of flowers.

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Wall Mounting.

It is not just artwork that can be wall mounted with a sideboard. Even though traditional sideboards stand on the floor, why not wall-mount yours, like a low level cabinet? This will give your sideboard a floating look.



Never underestimate the power of lighting when it comes to integrating a sideboard into your dining room. Units with integral lighting give an ultra-modern feel, as do a row of ceiling recessed spotlights placed above. For a less expensive option, choose some suitable lamps for your sideboard instead.

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