Modern And Unique Log Furniture

The idea of modernism very often is transposed in home decoration and design by using  new building materials and monochromatic colors. Modern furniture also follows the same line using   glass, metal , plastic and a great variety of these combinations.  These item over here offers  not necessarily an answer but a  hybrid creation to fulfill your needs. This creative  duo of organic and synthetic  designs and materials becomes an interesting piece of furniture. Each table is unique depending on the individual log section.

The idea behind this project is  very simple actually. Designers from mthwoodworks wanted to explore nature’s chaotic moves into contemporary contexts.The principle is simple, these creations can be easily cleaned and eaten off and still using only natural materials. The best feature of these interesting tables is the mixture itself.

The sinuous and unregulated  forms of the tree base is combined with the inert  form and nature of the resin .This creation can be easily integrated in any interior design and because we’re talking about tables, the perfect spot for them is on areas like  a kitchen or a dining room or any other place where you need to eat, to serve a drink or just for decorative reasons. The section of the trees is ranging from 60 to 600 years old and thanks to this special items you can have a slice of nature’s finest element in your own  home.

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