Modern And Natural Float Dining Table With A Unique Base

Dining tables are usually very simple and with a basic rectangular or round shape. However, for those who want something different, something that would impress, there are other options as well. One of them is the Float table. It’s a beautiful and artistic dining table with a very interesting base that doesn’t resemble anything we know.

Float is a modern piece of furniture with a unique design. The top of the table is very simple and made of sanded Plexiglas. However, the base of the table is a lot more impressive. The base is a pedestal made of twisted driftwood. This design is still a prototype and is not yet available in stores. But this also means that it’s a customizable item. The Float Dining Table is customizable in both size and shape. The prices vary according to these characteristics. For example, a 48’’ x 48’’ table is $1,935. The prices are based on approximately $84 per square inch.

Since the base of the table is the most eye-catching and interesting element, it can also be ordered separately. This way you can use with your own glass, stone, wood table top and create an original look. You can purchase the pedestal alone for 40% of the cost of the entire Float Dining Table. It’s a very interesting and beautiful piece of furniture.

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