Mobile Dining Unit That Reveals A Surprisingly Large Folding Table

When you have a small home there is obviously not enough space for all the furniture pieces and accessories that you would like to include in the interior design. However, this doesn’t always mean that you have to give up the ideal of having everything you need or want. The alternative in this case would be to find a solution that would allow you to include all the furniture you want without making the rooms seem cramped and tiny.

Multifunctional furniture is a great idea is such cases. The same thing can be said about extendable furniture pieces. One such example would be this table. Designed by Nobuhiro Teshima, this piece offers several advantages. The table is, in fact, nothing but an extension. The actual piece that you see is a cabinet.

The unit serves as a storage cabinet for most of the time but, when guests come over, it transforms into a dining table. In a way, this could be considered a mobile dining unit. The cabinet is very useful and it’s perfect for storing dishes, glassware and other similar items. Then you can use all these items when the table is revealed.

The table is actually surprisingly large. All you have to do is pull on the table and straighten its legs. The legs are adjustable so you can use the table for other purposes as well. For example, it could be great for games nights.Moreover, since the bottom of the cabinet has wheels, you can easily move the unit from room to room without much effort. You can use it in the kitchen and take it in the living room when needed and you can even take it outside. When you’re not using it, the cabinet can simply stay in a corner. The unit is extremely practical.

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