Minimalist Mobile TV Stand by Axel Bjurdström

Nowadays everybody wants more space and the pieces of furniture become more functional and practical than acting as decorative items.People prefer modular and multifunctional pieces of furniture that might help them save more space and allow them the freedom they need.

The Swedish designer, Axel Bjurdström came with an interesting design for a TV stand. He created TV Easel, a minimalist and modern TV stand which is perfect for small spaces or large open areas.Its simple design and the fact that features wheels will make it easy to move away in case you do not use it anymore or move into another area where you will need its presence.

TV Easel is optimized for 32-47” TVs and is adjustable in both height and angle so that can fit different sizes.

You may also match it with the nuances that you use for your interior design as it is available in different colors like yellow, red or brown. It is made of solid wood, natural or lacquered.

Now all you have to do it is to think of a new place where you would like to move your TV and make a change of your ordinary décor. Sometimes you need to make changes so that you can escape of the monotony of the daily routine.

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