Minimalist Basi TV cabinet

The new trend in modern furniture design is minimalist. Always everything seems to be simpler and the attention has been shifted from busy designs with pointless decorations to simpler ones with increased functionality. One very good example is the Basi TV cabinet.

Basi is modern and it features a minimalist design. At a first glimpse it seems elegant but not very impressing. This attitude changes one you realize how functional Basi really is. It’s equipped with a large TV platform that actually goes from one end to the other. You have the freedom of placing your TV anywhere you want and also to change the arrangement from time to time in case you get bored. Underneath there are several storage places, specially designed for other devices. The rear of each storage unit is provided with portholes for wire connections. It’s so easy to connect everything. You don’t have to worry about the wires anymore because they will be nicely hidden.

Also, you can choose to equip those storage spaces with extractable trays of drawers for CDs, DVDs and other gadgets. This way everything will be carefully hidden and you’ll have a nice clean place. Basi is available in black, white or combinations of these two colors. It’s a simple but very functional piece of furniture, perfect for modern and contemporary homes.Available on acerbisinternational.

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