Minimalist and stylish black sideboard

If you plan to create a minimalist look for your living room, this particular design would be a perfect choice. As you can see, this sideboard has an extremely simple design but this doesn’t stop from being both functional and elegant. The Extra Large sideboard is made on request and it’s designed by V-form furniture 1978.This is a very sleek piece of furniture with a low design and a very beautiful look. Moreover, it’s also a very functional piece. The sideboard includes 5 drawers nicely hidden by the black color.

The sideboard has a minimalist look. The idea was to make the top more visible. The sideboard features transparent plexiglass feet evenly distributed beneath the top. Since it’s available on request, the dimensions of this piece are variable and ca be determined by the client. The design, however, is not customizable and nor are the materials.

The drawers are great for storing all sorts of objects that need to be in the room but don’t have to be displayed. Because it has such a low design, this unit is a more unusual piece. However, it’s this unconventional detail along with the minimalist design that makes it perfect for contemporary homes. It can be beautifully accessorized with some beautiful decorations placed on top or maybe you can display some art pieces on the wall. The price for this sideboard is € 4500 / $ 5964.

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